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Eating and Wrestling With Retired Sumo Wrestlers at 'ASAKUSA SUMO RESTAURANT' [PR]


One of the coolest dining experiences in Tokyo has to be the sumo meal at ASAKUSA SUMO RESTAURANT in Asakusa, Tokyo. Not only can you enjoy delicious chanko nabe (classic sumo wrestler food), but you can also enjoy and participate in a live sumo demonstration by retired pro sumo wrestlers!

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Eat Like a Sumo Wrestler while you watch a Sumo Demonstration!

Located in Asakusa, Tokyo, 'ASAKUSA SUMO RESTAURANT' is a special restaurant that serves authentic chanko nabe (using a real sumo wrestler's own recipe) and plays host to an exclusive live sumo demonstration on Mondays (reservations required). For anyone looking for a dining experience that's a bit out of the ordinary, a meal at Asakusa Sumo Restaurant is a great way to get an authentic cultural experience while enjoying some delicious food at the same time!
The sumo demonstrations happen every Monday, so plan to go on a Monday if you can. Use the "Easy Online Reservations" link to their Facebook page below to make a reservation for the sumo performance on Mondays. Just send a message from their Facebook page saying that you would like to attend the Monday sumo performance (specify if you want to attend the lunchtime or dinnertime performance) and they will take your reservation.
In case you're not able to make it on the day of a demonstration, the restaurant still serves the same authentic chanko nabe (sumo wrestler food) on other days of the week, so you can at least enjoy the great food and atmosphere! To make a reservation for a normal meal without the sumo performance, click the link below:

What Do Sumo Wrestlers Eat? Chanko Nabe!

Chanko Nabe
Have you ever wondered what kind of food sumo wrestlers eat in order to become so huge? The answer (among other foods) is a hot-pot dish called 'chanko nabe.' Sumo wrestlers supposedly eat chanko nabe every day after training because it's filled with healthy ingredients including chicken, pork, and lots of vegetables. Sumo wrestlers traditionally cook food for themselves, and all of the best chanko nabe restaurants have a retired sumo wrestler as the cook!
The head chanko chef at Asakusa Sumo Restaurant is a 180 kg (396 lb) retired sumo wrestler by the name of 'Tououyama.' His chanko nabe has a rich, umami-filled soup that gives a wonderful flavor to the vegetables and meat inside. On Mondays, Tououyama participates in the sumo demonstrations at the restaurant!

A Special Kind of Pork from Kagoshima

One of the things that makes the chanko nabe at Asakusa Sumo Restaurant so special is the special pork that is used. Called 黒豚 (kurobuta) in Japanese, the Berkshire pork is delivered directly from a single farm in Kagoshima prefecture that is known for its extremely high-quality meat. The pork has a wonderful meaty flavor and sweetness that sets it apart from standard pork.

Tonteki is a Must-Try

Asakusa Sumo Restaurant is connected to 'Tonteki Genki,' a restaurant on the floor below that specializes in dishes featuring the premium pork from Kagoshima. As such, it is possible to order items from either menu. One of the delectable dishes worth getting is the 'Tonteki' shown above. The seasoned pork is cooked sous-vide style (at a low temperature) giving it a juicy texture reminiscent of a rare steak and is packed with umami and flavor! It can be eaten as-is, or dipped in some wasabi and soy sauce for an extra burst of flavor!
The Tonteki can be ordered in increments of 200 grams and is perfect for sharing with the table.


At lunchtime, a menu of awesome burgers (which feature the same premium pork) is also available and worth looking into if you're a burger fan. The sumo-sized Yokozuna Burger is perfect for someone with a large appetite, otherwise, the classic 'Kagofornia' (patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato) or 'Teriyaki Burger' are also great options.

For a One-Of-A-Kind Meal, Check out Asakusa Sumo Restaurant!

If you're looking for a unique and interesting dining experience in Tokyo, visiting Asakusa Sumo Restaurant on a Monday for the sumo demonstration is well worth it! For those who just want to watch, that's perfectly okay, or you can don a sumo suit and see if you can knock down a real sumo wrestler (or even push them off balance!) In addition to the fun of the demonstration, though, the food is really quite delicious thanks to the quality of the ingredients and the authenticity of the recipe. Check it out if you're planning to visit Asakusa while in Tokyo!


Asakusa Sumo Restaurant is located in Asakusa, right outside Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station. It's a short walk from the famous Sensoji temple, in a great location with a clear view of the Tokyo Sky Tree. Asakusa Sumo Restaurant is located up the stairs on the second floor of the building and Tonteki Genki is located on the first floor.
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