Updated: March 08, 2020
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The Best Affordable Restaurants Near Ogikubo Station


Are you looking for a spot to grab a delicious bite of food in Ogikubo, Tokyo? Here are some of the best restaurants serving awesome yet affordable food. Enjoy!

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Ramen at Harukiya, One of Tokyo's Oldest Ramen Shops

If you are looking for simply delicious ramen made in the traditional way, head to Harukiya in Ogikubo. The ramen shop has been open since 1949, and the recipe hasn't changed since opening! If it's your first time going, get the classic 'Chuka Soba' which some consider to be one of the best bowls of ramen in Tokyo.

Ogikubo is actually one of Tokyo's ramen hot-spots, and the area is packed with some really outstanding ramen shops. For more information, check out our article on the best ramen shops in Ogikubo:

Curry Cooked for 140 Hours at 'Tomato'

Tomato is a very popular curry restaurant in Ogikubo. The curry with 36 herbs is cooked for 140 hours, making all the subtle tastes work in synergy to achieve an impossibly delicious dish. The portions are pretty generous too. You should try their wagyu-beef curry! It's rich in umami, has pieces of wonderfully tender domestic beef, and has cheese as a topping. Is this description making you hungry? The curry dishes range from about ¥1,800 all the way up to ¥2,800, which is a bit more expensive than the average curry house but still well worth it considering the quality.

Yummy Vegan Food at 'Cafe Bask'

In general, Tokyo is sorely lacking in delicious vegan restaurants. Luckily there's one in Ogikubo called 'Cafe Bask' that's located about 5 minutes north of the station. The cafe serves vegan food featuring fresh, organic veggies and also has some tasty sweets and beverages. The food is healthy Japanese-style cooking and is good enough that non-vegans will enjoy it just as much as vegans. If you're looking for a great vegan meal close to Ogikubo Station, this is it!

Crispy Tonkatsu at 'Tatsumitei'

Tatsumitei is a delicious tonkatsu restaurant 2 minutes away from Ogikubo Station with an old-fashioned vibe. Tonkatsu is one of the classic Japanese comfort foods, and the tonkatsu here won't disappoint. The exterior has a lovely crispiness and the meat is tender and flavorful. Getting a meal set is the way to go as you'll get soup and a bowl of rice with your tonkatsu and cabbage. For a quick and satisfying meal, Tatsumitei is a great option.

Cheap Conveyor-belt Sushi at 'Sushiro'

Sushiro is one of the most popular 'kaitenzushi' (conveyor-belt sushi) restaurant chains in Japan. It's not uncommon to find a line of customers waiting to get in at peak mealtimes. The restaurant's massive popularity has to do with the very cheap prices (just ¥120 for the cheapest plates) and the variety of sushi and side dishes available. You can eat as much sushi as you want and will likely pay less than ¥2,000 per person! Sushiro's sushi may be cheap, but it's surprisingly delicious and fresh and there are always seasonal items available that make it fun to visit each time.
Pro tip: Order the french fries. Trust me.

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