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Must-Try Charoal Roasted Wagyu Steak at Ginza's 'tcc ROGAMA Steak' [PR]


Ever wondered what the best way to cook a wagyu steak is? Many would argue that using a stone oven called a rogama (炉窯) is the optimal way to cook wagyu and that steak cooked this way is the most delicious. One of the best places to get steak made this way is in Ginza at 'tcc ROGAMA Steak.'

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Premium Steak Cooked in a 'Rogama'

Wagyu is some of the most delicious and expensive beef in the world. There are many ways to enjoy it, from sukiyaki to shabu shabu to yakiniku to, of course, steak. When it comes to steak, perhaps the most well-known style of cooking at Japanese steak houses is on the large teppan grill, where steak is cooked to order right in front of the customer. This is a fun and tasty way to prepare a steak, but many chefs and gourmets would argue that the very best way to prepare wagyu steak is by roasting it in a 炉窯 'rogama.' A rogama is a Japanese stone oven that uses bamboo charcoal as a direct heat source in the middle of the oven. Although it requires a high level of skill from the chef, cooking a steak in a rogama has several advantages, including superior, even heat penetration and added flavor from the charcoal smoke.
The heat directly above the coals in the center of the rogama reaches temperatures upwards of 900 degrees Celcius and quickly crisps the outside of the steak within minutes. The steak is then moved to the side of the oven where the temperature is much lower (around 100 degrees), where the heat evenly penetrates all the way to the center of the steak, cooking it evenly. The result is a beautifully-cooked steak that retains all of its juices and is wonderfully tender.
If you're looking for a place to enjoy high-end rogama wagyu steak in Tokyo, look no further than tcc ROGAMA Sumibiyaki Steak in Ginza. Despite serving some of the highest quality wagyu available in Tokyo, the prices are actually more reasonable than other Ginza-based rogama steak restaurants. Add to that tcc's amazing location overlooking the most iconic building in Ginza, and it's an easy decision.

Premium Wagyu

tcc ROGAMA Sumibiyaki Steak is the only restaurant in Tokyo to get its beef from Maruki Fukunaga Kisaburo Shoten, a famous meat supplier in Omi, Shiga Prefecture that also provides beef to the top-rated steak restaurant in Kyoto. Maruki Fukunaga Kisaburo Shoten's cows are raised in Omi, and the brand is known for its extremely high standard of quality.
If you want to enjoy a very nice, rounded meal, it's recommended to order steak as part of one of the dinner courses (details below), but it's also possible to order a la carte if you just care about the steak. Steaks are priced based on weight (100, 150, or 200g) and cut. a 100g rump or ichibo steak is quite reasonable at ¥4,700, but even the most expensive 200g chateau briand steak, at ¥19,000, is quite reasonable compared to other high-end rogama restaurants.

Dinner Courses

At dinner time, three steak courses are available. It's recommended to go with either the ¥12,000 Kuroge Wagyu Steak Course or the ¥15,000 Kuroge Wagyu Steak 'Full Course.' Either course comes with a premium kuroge wagyu steak cooked in the rogama oven, plus a variety of side dishes, including a small curry dish, soba, and dessert. The 'Full Course' comes with an additional two dishes; a special wagyu appetizer and the seafood dish of the day.
Either course lets you choose from a rump steak or 'ichibo' steak (a different cut close to the rump), or you can upgrade to a more expensive steak for an additional charge. Considering the number and quality of the dishes that are included in the course (not least the steak!) it's a very reasonable price.

There is also a ¥9,000 'Short Course' that features a steak from a breed that's a cross between a Japanese Black-haired (kuroge wagyu) and American Angus cow. The steak is also very tasty, but it's worth it to pay a little extra for the premium 100% wagyu steak.

Lunch Courses

At lunchtime, guests can choose from between Lunch Set A and Lunch Set B. Both sets come with your choice of appetizer (a salad of seasonal vegetables, house-smoked salmon, smoked duck filet, or a wagyu double consommé soup), a main dish, dessert of pudding and sorbet, and a drink.
For the ¥3,150 Lunch Set 'A,' you can choose your main dish from among the following options: a rogama-cooked wagyu hamburg steak, the seafood dish of the day, or a US beef sirloin steak.
Ordering the ¥5,000 Lunch Set 'B' lets you choose a premium rogama steak (Angus Beef and Kuroge wagyu crossbreed beef).


tcc ROGAMA Steak is located on the 4th floor of a building that's just one minute from the A5 exit of Ginza Station. It's right in the middle of the most well-known part of Ginza with a great view of Ginza's most iconic building.
It's recommended to make a reservation before visiting.
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