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Excellent Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Osaka

Osaka City

Looking for vegan food in Osaka? Don’t worry, Osaka is a vegetarian-friendly city offering variety of vegetarian food - traditional Japanese food, Italian, Indian, desserts, and more! Here is a list of recommended vegan restaurants you should try when you come to Osaka.

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1. ORIBIO Cafe Dining

Image https://www.oribiocafe.com/
If you are looking for Japanese food, this is the place. Japanese food often contains meat and fish, but this restaurant serves it in vegetarian version.

The most popular menu is vegetable sushi which are made of fresh vegetables and mashrooms (1950 yen). They also have katsudon (rice bowl with deep-fried pork) in which they use tofu instead of pork, and omu-rice (combination of omelet and rice) using tofu skin instead of eggs. All of their meals are healthy and vegetarian and they also offer some options for vegan and halal.
Image https://www.oribiocafe.com/

2. Veggie Ramen Yuniwa (べじらーめん ゆにわ)

Interested in one of the most beloved Japanese food Ramen? You can try it in vegetarian version at this ramen restaurant.

All their menu is for vegetarians and some are also for halal, ranging 500-1000 yen. They have different kinds of ramen soup like miso, seaweed broth, sesame, and soy sauce, so find your favorite!

3. Green Earth

Located just 5 mins walk away from Honmachi station, Green Earth offers extensive menu for vegans.

Their lunch set menu comes with one main dish, side salad, soup, and drink, as reasonable as 800 yen. You can have pasta, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, and more dishes using veggies, tofu, and beans instead of animal ingredients.

4. Shama

Shama is an Indian vegetarian restaurant located right next to Yotsubashi station. They offer Indian curry and nan made wihtout meat, fish, eggs, and also onion, garlic, alcohol and caffein.

You can enjoy flavorful and healthy curry containing a lot of spices mixed. Lunch sets are available from only 600 yen. The lassi, creamy drink made from soy milk, is also highly recommended!
Image https://indoshama.jimdo.com/

5. Raw8 Cafe

Craving for desserts? This cute and cozy cafe located within 3 mins walk from Nakatsu station offers vegan raw food and desserts.

Their chocolate cake is good.It is very rich, but oh so satisfying! They also have chocolate parfait with banana, raw cookie, raw cheesecakes, and so on for just around 500 yen for each.
I love traveling and eating. My favorites are everything matcha and cheesecakes.

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