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300 Bar NEXT: super value ¥300 bar in fancy Ginza [PR]


We went to try out Ginza's 300 bar NEXT to see what all the buzz is about. Here's why we also think it's great!

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300 Bar NEXT

Ginza is known as one of Tokyo's fanciest shopping districts. It's a fun place to explore for sure, but finding a good, affordable bar there can be quite challenging!

Luckily, for all of us wanting to have a fun evening in Ginza without breaking the bank, there's 300 Bar NEXT, where you can have a great variety of cocktails and tasty foods for just ¥300 (taxes not included). Also note that there isn't even a cover charge, so no bad surprises when you pay your bill. We highly recommend this place!
The system is very straightforward. You simply buy some ¥300 tickets and exchange them for food and drinks at the counter. If you have some leftover tickets, you can use them another time at 300 bar NEXT or even at another branch of the bar.
We all love cheap drinks, but are they good at that price? Actually, they are! That's what's so amazing about 300 bar NEXT. For instance, their mojito which is made the traditional Cuban way is often praised as one of the best in Tokyo. It even has an official certification from the Cuban embassy.
300 Bar has a huge variety of drinks to try (about 150). Just ask one of the friendly bartenders for some suggestions.

The drinks on the menu change a little with the season since the bar is very particular about the quality of the ingredients they use. The seasonal drinks are definitely worth a try!
We tried the Harvest Gin Tonic, which was recommended to us, and it did not disappoint! The base is an organic botanical shochu (Japanese spirit) from Aomori Prefecture, in northern Japan. It has an herbal refreshing taste with hints of the Japanese citrus fruit yuzu.

Their list of Japanese cocktails made from sake, shochu or umeshu (plum wine), is particularly interesting if you want to experience a traditional taste. Of course, they also have great standard cocktails and some beers if that's what you prefer.
If you've worked up an appetite, you should absolutely consider going to 300 bar NEXT! We were blown away by the Double Cheese Hamburg Steak we got for just one ticket. Served to you piping hot in its own frying pan, it's hearty and delicious.
Still got room? Then you might also want to try their signature Cuban sandwich. Just like the mojito, it's made the traditional Cuban way, with Cuban-style bread, roasted pork and cheese.
It has a nice chewiness and savory flavor, making it the perfect 'tsumami' (finger food) to have with a drink.
On top of the drinks and food, another reason to go to 300 bar NEXT is simply for the chill atmosphere.

There's live DJ music, a foosball table, and lots of people having a blast and lots of laughs. The bar attracts a diverse crowd of Japanese and non-Japanese people and is the kind of place you can walk into casually whether you're alone or with friends. Also, it's a standing bar so people tend to move around and mingle with each other freely, which is good if you're looking to socialize a little.
This super-value bar packed with friendly folks is a gem in Ginza.

It's very near Ginza station so don't hesitate to try it out next time you're in the area. Be on the lookout for the sign in the picture above. The bar is on the basement floor of that building.
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