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Discover uniquely Japanese adaptations of Western cuisine at tcc Ginza-no Yoshoku in Ginza! [PR]


Discover Japan's 'yoshoku' at a restaurant with a great view in central Ginza. The place introduced in this article is called tcc Ginza-no Yoshoku, and it serves some particularly excellent omurice, hambagu and parfaits!

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Tcc GINZA-no Yoshoku

Tcc Ginza-no Yoshoku is a pleasant cafe-restaurant in the heart of Ginza with a beautiful view of the iconic clock tower of the Wako store. There you can enjoy some of Japan's most beloved comfort foods.

The kind of cuisine is called 'yoshoku' which translates to 'western cuisine,' but in actuality, yoshoku dishes are often Japanese adaptations of some western dishes that are now an integral part of the amazing food culture of Japan.

We'll introduce here a few delectable items that you can order: omurice, hambagu, and a parfait for dessert.


If you come to Japan, make sure to try an omurice at some point during your trip. Virtually every Japanese person is fond of this simple yet very delicious dish. Omurice comes from a combination of the words omelet and rice; it's basically some fried rice tightly wrapped inside a Japanese-style omelet.
Tcc has two delicious omurice options. The one pictured above is the western-style one, which comes with a tomato-based sauce.
The inside is fried rice made with a nice bit of chicken, onions and mushrooms. It goes wonderfully well with the sauce and omelette.
If you want to try something with a more Japanese taste, they also have a 'wa-fu' (Japanese-style) version. This one is served to you covered in an umami-packed savory glaze. The inside is takikomi gohan, which is a Japanese rice dish seasoned with katsuo dashi (stock of dried skipjack tuna) and soy sauce.

Wagyu Hambagu

Another classic yoshoku dish is the 'hambagu', which is essentially a Japanese-style Hamburg Steak. The one at tcc is truly an amazing deluxe version! The patty is made from tender and juicy wagyu (Japanese beef) and is served to you topped with a demi-glace sauce and some kind of smooth and creamy cheese and potato mousse.
There's also a fried egg with a perfectly runny yolk hidden under the mousse. This hambagu with all its toppings is so creamy and savory, and definitely one of the best there is in the area!


Japan is famous for gorgeous parfaits, and that's exactly what you can get as a dessert at tcc GINZA-no Yoshoku. The day we went, the parfait they served us was decorated with a generous amount of perfectly ripe, sweet strawberries.

What's interesting about this parfait is that it contains some traditional Japanese ingredients as well. For instance, beneath the vanilla ice cream are some mochi rice balls that add a nice springy texture, and there are also some sweet adzuki beans, which are the quintessential ingredient of most traditional Japanese desserts. The flavor combination of mochi, red beans, and strawberries is reminiscent of 'ichigo daifuku mochi,' the classic mochi sweet filled with red bean paste and a strawberry.

This parfait is indeed the perfect way to end a delectable meal!

In closing

After a day of shopping or just wandering around Ginza, tcc GINZA-no Yoshoku is a great place to take a break from the busy streets and indulge in some of the best Japanese yoshoku comfort foods. Give it a try next time you're in Ginza! It's located right in between Ginza Station and Higashi-Ginza Station, on the third floor of the building shown above.
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