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Kobe Plaisir Ginza's Incredible Teppanyaki Courses [PR]


One of Tokyo's most amazing teppanyaki experiences can be found at Kobe Plaisir Ginza. The restaurant boasts courses that feature Kobe Beef and other Japanese delicacies such as the Japanese spiny lobster (ise-ebi).

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Kobe Plaisir Ginza

A teppanyaki counter at Kobe Plaisir Ginza
One of the quintessential Japanese gourmet experiences is enjoying a teppanyaki dinner. If you're unfamiliar with teppanyaki, it's basically having your food cooked right before your eyes on a large 'teppan', or iron griddle.

The cooking style emerged in post-WW2 Japan, and it's now often associated with high-end Japanese cuisine. In a way, the experience is somewhat similar to dining at a luxurious sushi bar, where you sit at a counter and see the chef skilfully prepare your food on the other side. In the case of teppanyaki, the counter is directly connected to the teppan grill. It's thoroughly entertaining to see the master teppan chefs at work, cooking your meal one item at a time.
Highest ranked Kobe Beef sirloin served at Kobe Plaisir Ginza
Another quintessential Japanese gourmet experience is tasting the world's best beef, Kobe Beef. What makes Kobe Beef so outstanding you may wonder? There are a few objective reasons which have to do with the characteristics of the beef on a molecular level. The most striking is that the muscle fibers and fatty tissues are intertwined instead of being largely separated, which is the case in most cattle brands. The amount of intramuscular fat is called marbling. Well-marbled meat, such as Kobe Beef, will be much more tender than lean meat. This is what makes Kobe Beef so exceptional; the marbling is unmatched, which makes it melt in your mouth as you eat it.

So where can you combine having a wonderful teppanyaki experience and taste the world's best beef? The answer is in central Tokyo, in the Ginza district, at a place called Kobe Plaisir Ginza.

Exquisite teppanyaki dinner courses

Kobe Plaisir Ginza offers a variety of exquisite courses featuring Japan's legendary Kobe Beef. You can see the link below to know exactly the prices and what each course comprises.

Meat & crustacean course with Kobe Beef sirloin [¥30,000]

Here's a course that may be a great option if you want to not only enjoy incredible Kobe Beef but also taste another delicacy, the Japanese spiny lobster (ise-ebi). We'll introduce some of the featured items of the course below.
■ Seasonal Appetizer
■ One Spoon Caviar
■ Original ‘Kobe Beef’ Sushi
■ Sauteed Foie gras
■ Japanese Fresh Prawn or Japanese Fresh Spiny Lobster (Ise-Ebi)
■ Vegetable Palate Refresher
■ Fresh Salad
■ Beef Steak 80g
■ Grilled Vegetables
■ Steamed Rice produced in Hyogo Prefecture or Fried Rice with Garlic
or Rice of the month. (+¥1,000)
■ Japanese Pickles and Miso-Soup
■ Dessert
■ Coffee

Kobe Beef sushi

One of the first dishes of the course is Kobe Plaisir Ginza's original Kobe Beef sushi. You might have had meat sushi before, but probably nothing that compares to these.

Unlike most of the meat sushi that is made with lean red meat, the cut used for these is well-marbled and incredibly flavorful Kobe Beef sirloin. Lightly scorched, the meat topping is of incomparable tenderness. It melts in your mouth, releasing Kobe Beef's characteristic sweet and savory umami taste.

To match the flavor of the beef, even the rice is done in a special way. Indeed, it's made to be slightly sweeter than the average sushi rice so that the sweetness of the rice matches the natural sweetness of the beef. Also, to add a fresh, citrusy accent, there's a little bit of grated daikon radish and ponzu sauce as toppings. You don't need to dip these sushis in soy sauce because they are perfect as they are.

Kobe Beef sirloin

The Kobe Beef Sirloin is definitely the star of the show at Kobe Plaisir Ginza. They take so much care in preparing it, and what's really interesting is that you see the whole process right before your eyes.

First, the piece is warmed slightly on a raised grilled over the teppan griddle. You'll notice the meat turn bright red as it warms up. This is done because a lower temperature differential before the grilling takes place allows the meat to retain the most of its natural flavors.

The sirloin is then grilled briefly on both sides. You might notice that very little of the juices are lost, which means all the flavors are locked inside. This is partly because of the characteristics of Kobe Beef and partly because the grilling process is done in an instant at a very high temperature.

Finally, the chef expertly slices the meat into bite-sized pieces directly on the teppan plate and serves it to you piping hot from behind the counter.
You get with it a variety of fine condiments that each give a different accent to the delectable Kobe Beef. Condiments include wine-infused salt, wasabi, ponzu, and black miso. Try each piece with a different condiment and see which one you like best.

Japanese fresh spiny lobster

Japan is known for incredible seafood, and the Japanese spiny lobster, also called ise-ebi, is one of them. It's been cherished for centuries in Japan as one of the best shellfish. It's an amazing delicacy that you should definitely try while you're in Japan, so it's great to have it as part of this course!

Having it cooked teppanyaki-style at Kobe Plaisir Ginza just happens to be one of the best ways to enjoy ise-ebi. The reason is that it's grilled only briefly at a very high temperature on the teppan plate, which makes the flesh extra plump and sweet.

You can start by tasting it as is, and then for a change in taste, you can have it with some Tosa vinegar, or a special tartar sauce.

Grilled vegetables

Teppanyaki is not just great for meat and seafood, it's also a very good way to grill vegetables.

Kobe Plaisir Ginza serves a variety of fresh Japanese seasonal vegetables as part of their courses. The quality is undeniable. They simply need to be frizzled with a small amount of olive oil and seasoned lightly on the teppan plate for them to be delectable. The vegetables are so good that even vegetarians that came to the restaurant along with their meat-eating friends are saying that they're some of the best grilled vegetables they've had.


The course ends with a delightful dessert. What's served to you changes with the season because the dessert is made with ripe seasonal Japanese fruits such as the Hyogo Prefecture-produced strawberries pictured above (this is a winter-time item).

In closing...

It's hard to imagine a better luxurious dining experience in central Tokyo than enjoying one of Kobe Plaisir Ginza's amazing teppanyaki courses. Also note that the restaurant has a wonderful selection of fine wines and Japanese sake that you can pair with your meal.

The restaurant is very foreigner-friendly too, so do not worry if you don't speak Japanese.

Due to its popularity, it's better to make a reservation beforehand if you plan to go.
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