Updated: November 06, 2018
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Best Breakfast in Tokyo Station

Looking for places to eat breakfast in Tokyo station before or after you take trains? As one of the largest train stations in Japan, Tokyo Station is the central for many lines as well as the Shinkansen (bullet train). There are quite a lot of restaurants and shops in the station, so you probably don’t know what to eat there. Here is the five best breakfast and brunch places you should try to start your day.

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Honnori-ya (ほんのり屋)

Onigiri, or Japanese rice ball, is one of the traditional food people often eat. It is made from rice formed into triangular shapes and usually wrapped in nori (seaweed).

Honnori-ya is an onigiri shop offering homemade warm onigiri stuffed with a variety of fillings like salmon and shrimp tempura. Each onigiri is around 150-200 yen and you can also do with set menu comes with miso soup and a side of karaage (Japanese deep-fried chicken).

Yaesu Hatsufuji (やえす初藤)

This restaurant serves traditional Japanese breakfast in the morning if you want to try!

All of the meals come with rice, miso soup, nori (seaweed), sides of some vegetables, and your choice of main dish such as grilled salmon, eggs, and natto. They are 500-600 yen for the satisfying amount. Try the nutritious Japanese traditional breakfast here!

Kajitsuen (果実園)

Kajitsuen is specialized for fruits, so for anyone who loves fruit for breakfast, you can’t go wrong with their breakfast menu.

They have pancakes, waffles, crepes with juicy fresh fruits. All fruits on your plate are beautifully prepared so it is really appetizing. You can also eat sandwiches and cakes if you want.

Sandog Inn Kobe-ya (神戸屋)

If you like to have bread for breakfast, this is the place you should visit. This bakery is a chain and offers buffet only in the morning.

The breakfast buffet is a bit expensive, 1280 yen, but you can eat Japanese fancy breads as many as you can. They have over 20 kinds of bread and the most popular one is "Katsu sandwich", which has deep fried pork in it.

Aroma Coffee (アロマ珈琲)

Looking for a nice cafe to relax and have breakfast? Aroma coffee is a cozy cafe playing the classic music where you can enjoy peaceful morning.

They use selected coffee beans so you can enjoy both the smell and taste of the coffee. They have breakfast set menus like toast and eggs with your drink. The sets are only 500 yen!

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