Updated: March 11, 2020
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5 Best Restaurants and Cafes in Yanaka


Here are five restaurants and cafes you won't go wrong with, located in or near Yanaka. The shops introduced here are all pretty affordable too (¥2,000 or less).

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Inageya 稲毛屋

We highly recommend this place if you haven't tried Japanese eel cuisine before because they make some good unagi (freshwater eel) dishes that are really reasonably priced. For instance, the unadon pictured here is ¥1,380. This may seem a bit expensive for a lunch special, but note that unagi is somewhat of a delicacy, so unagi set meals are usually ¥2,000 or more. Their unagi grilling style is from Western Japan, which means the eel is not steamed before being charred, which in turn makes it crispier and more fragrant.

Note that if you want to go for a high-end, copious unagi course, they also have those too from ¥4,500 to ¥8,800 per person (you must be at least two people to order a course).

Tsukemen Tetsu

There's a famous tsukmen-ramen joint in the area called Tetsu. The soup they make is thick, strong-flavored tonkotsu (pork broth). To go with that, you get a huge piece of tender chashu pork with your order. As for the noodles, they're thick and springy. The tsukemen (dipping noodles) sets here are actually more popular than the ramen (it's in their name after all).


Zakuro, located on the famous Yanaka Ginza shopping street, is a restaurant of all-you-can-eat authentic Middle-Eastern cuisine that's really excellent for the price. The all-you-can-eat course is just ¥2,000.

You can also smoke some shisha and buy some Turkish lamps if you want because the restaurant doubles as a lamp shop. Countless lamps are actually used to light up the restaurant so it gives it a very warm and exotic atmosphere. The waiters are extremely friendly and entertaining. You eat on the floor, really close to other patrons, which also adds to the uniqueness of Zakuro.

Himitsudo ひみつ堂

This is a famous kakigori (Japanese-style shaved ice) cafe that will surely leave you with a strong impression because their kagiroi treats are simply amazing! Topped with a generous amount of quality ingredients such as seasonal fruits, homemade jams, and whipped cream, they're as delicious as they are visually impactful.

The place is often packed, especially when the weather is nice. It has a very simple at-home kind of atmosphere, with a large counter and just a couple of tables.

Waguriya, Yanaka Location 和栗や 谷中店

Waguriya prides itself on using only quality domestic chestnuts, grown by their parent company, to make their signature homemade Mont Blanc desserts. Their Mont Blancs are different from other cake shops' ones because they are invariably freshly made. You can't even have them for take-out because the shop wants you to enjoy them while the chestnut paste is still fluffy and fragrant. You'll absolutely taste the difference! If you want something for take-out while you stroll around Yanaka, the shop suggests trying their chestnut ice cream cones.

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