Updated: April 17, 2020
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Best Sushi Restaurants In shinjuku | 5 restaurant you can take away

Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan, Today, we are introducing best sushi restaurants in Shinjuku, Tokyo. But we are focus on take out of sushi, here are the best sushi restaurants you need to splurge on at least once in your life to have a memorable and delectable sushi experience!

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板前寿司新宿東宝ビル(Itamaesushi Shinjuku Toho)

Itamae sushi is a famous sushi chain located in many parts of Tokyo, The price of sushi is not too expensive, and the quality of sushi is also very good, incorporating both the traditional and modern style of sushi. Unlike the very traditional, high-end sushi restaurants, you can enjoy good sushi at a reasonable and affordable price!

you can choose sushi and course sushi menus, then enjoy sushi in your favorite style. Also, Itamae serves grilled sushi, sushi rolls, and other modern style sushi as well!

鮨 みや川(Sushi Miyakawa)

If you want to experience traditional sushi, this sushi place is really high recommended! Their sashimi toppings are great variety of good, which is one of the reasons why they are really popular among people in Tokyo. Depending on what sashimi toppings you choose to eat, you can try their sushi for around ¥1500 per plate.
Sushi is a sushi restaurant located 5 minutes away from Shinjuku station, As there have counter seats, you can enjoy an intimate dining experience.

info :

Opening : 11:30 to 23:00
東京都 新宿区 新宿 3-20-5 6F-A

鮨 青海 (Sushi Aomi)

Sushi Aomi is a favorite spot of locals who know what really good sushi. this restaurant serves sushi of arguably equal quality. If you're looking for a really local spot that isn't impossible to get a reservation at, read on!
The sushi here is served in Tokyo's traditional Japanese style. Instead of fresh, caught-the-same-day fish that you might imagine when you think of sushi, The fish is then sliced and made into a single "nigiri" piece of sushi that is placed right in front of the customer and eaten on the spot, maybe someone doesn't eat sushi, but when you try this store would change you mind.

Sushi Bar にぎりて ( Nigirite )

'Sushi bar Nigirite ' is a restaurant that puts extra effort into serving fresh sushi. tuna has a creamy flavor and is commonly used in Japanese cuisine, especially sushi. However,Sushi bar Nigirite also serves other delicious sushi made from fresh seafood at a very affordable price.

Sushi bar Nigirite is a sushi restaurant located 10 minutes away from Shinjuku station, you can enjoy an intimate dining experience, remember they have take out service so you can go restaurant and take away.

鮨丸 (Sushi Maru)

Sushi Maru is one of the absolute best affordable sushi restaurants there is in shinjuku. The restaurant is based mostly in Tokyo, but there are also three branches in Tokyo. This restaurant is always visited by a lot of people, everyone wants to eat fresh and delicious sushi!

Most items are nigiri sushi served two by the plate. The plates start at around 1000~2000yen (taxes not included). Sushi Maru will serve only the freshest and finest sushi for you. Although they recommend their tuna and maguro sushi, they also have a la carte sushi menus that allow customers to choose their own sushi!

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