Updated: March 26, 2021
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Kura Sushi Asakusa, where you can enjoy Japanese culture and sushi


Kaiten zushi is the japanese for conveyor belt sushi store. It is the most fun and easy way to eat 100 yen sushi in Japan, and Kura Sushi is one popular chain store in Japan, it is nationwide, it is cheap and it is good !

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Let us take you to a kaiten zushi tour !

In fact Kura Sushi has opened a brand new store in Asakusa, Kura Sushi Rox. The design is stupendous and the atmosphere will take you straight to a Japanese festival.

The design was done by Kashiwa Sato

The Asakusa store was specifically designed by Kashiwa Sato, a famous japanese designer. You may know him from the design and visitor experience of the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama, and if you don’t well you certainly know him well from the design of the UNIQLO logo.
Kura Sushi Asakusa Rox

Sushi, Ramen, a wide rande of menus

Sushi at Kura Sushi Asakusa
Here are our osusume - the special chef recommendation:
- We like the Seared Salmon with Cheese
- Bamboo Princess Sushi Salmon Roe with not too strong taste of fish eggs
- Steamed Egg Custard with Snow Crab, kind of a salty pudding with seafood
- Thick Salmon (One Piece) with tangerine taste !

At Kura Sushi, even those you don’t eat sushi can enjoy a moment with their friends, the menu has lots to offer. There are also meat, fries, ramen, tempura and desserts options.

How about ordering the food

From getting a seat to ordering your food, you can do it all with a screen. Get a seat from the machine at the entrance, you will get a seat number, take yourself to the booth and order from the screen in front of you ! You will find an english version.

Of course you can also help yourself from the belt conveyor. At Kura Zushi, the sushi on the belt conveyor are covered under a little cover, it is called sendo kun.
Kura Sushi Asakusa booth

Philosophy of Kura Sushi : good food and entertainment

Kura Sushi Asakusa Games
Kura sushi is a place where food and entertainment come together. You can eat food that is good for your body while having fun.
They are additive free and chemical free. Sometimes in sushi restaurants you can find food colouring to make you tuna redder for instance, but that is not the case at Kura Sushi.

More importantly, -and that is in all Kura Sushi nationwide- there are games that you can play while enjoying your delicious sushi. There is a special tray where you dispose of your plate and every five plates you get to play a game that may make you win a special prize. At the moment they have a collaboration with Pokemon, and that changes every two months or so

Painting inspired design

Painting at Kura Sushi Asakusa
There is a beautiful painting from famous painter Hiroshige which was not chosen randomly but has connection to Kura Sushi
During the Edo period, sushi was very popular. Then it got expensive for a while, but then again around the 1980s, chains like Kura Sushi made it again popular and accessible.
In the painting, you can see some 屋台 yatai which are food stand, this is why there is inside Kura Sushi beams that make you feel like you are sitting under a roof while eating.
In the painting, you can see people eating some tempura, or fried food, and this also food that is served at Kura Sushi
Finally you can play typical summer games in this Kura Sushi, like ring toss and rifle.

This is really transporting you straight to a 祭り matsuri, a summer festival !

Enjoy Sushi and Japanese emotion with Kura Sushi

We really love eating at Kura Sushi ! it is tasty, fun and cheap. From the food, the design and the atmosphere is is really what you would expect coming to a kaiten zushi in Japan !

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