Updated: March 26, 2021
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Anyone can make Daifuku, a typical Japanese swwts, using the kit

Round, mellow and sweet, daifuku is a central piece of wagashi, Japanese-style sweet. It is also delicious and easy to make as it requires no baking. You can order a daifuku kit and enjoy Japanese culture!

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What is Daifuku ?

Daifuku is made up of glutinous rice called mochi with some sweet filling, all in a small round ball shape.
Originally, Daifukumochi was written 大腹餅.
But if you change just one character, Daifuku can be can also be written 大福 and this one means Big Fortune; the prononciation is the same !
A superstitious nation, Japanese people like to carry auspicious luck and this is why this spelling continues to this day. Actually, in Japan, even if a word doesn't make much sense, it is common to create words by applying lucky kanji!

There are many styles according to regions or periods of the year, but you can also make Daifuku at home !

How to make Daifuku ?

There is no cooking required ! It is very easy to make.

Here are the ingredients you need :
- Mochi rice cake
- Bean paste
- Rice cake flour
- Edible oil or fat
- a thread (a knife is also just fine !)
- Strawberries or any fruit you like, kiwi, orange, pineapple...
If you are in Japan, you can order your Daifuku kit from this website

Step 1 : make small balls with the bean paste

Take some bean paste, roughly the same size as the fruit you will wrap it around. Gently wrap it.
You can fill it with your favorite fruit, or basically anything you like ! Have fun.

Step 2 : Wrap it all around the rice cake

Wrap your bean pasted fruit around the rice rake
This will get sticky so apply some oil and rice cake flour on your hands.

Take your wrapped fruits and the mochi rice cake, and again, wrap the rice cake around your fruit and bean paste. The mochi rice cake is glutinous and sticky, so stretch it, fold it again.

The outside part should look just white. You are not meant to see what’s inside.

Be careful, this step will get sticky so do not skimp on rice cake flour.

Step 3 : cut in half your daifuku and enjoy !

Strawberry daifuku ready to be eaten
You’re almost done !
Cut your daifuku in half with the string (you can also use a knife). You can also serve it with some green tea, as it is often the case in Japan.

You may wonder what is the difference between mochi, dango, and daifuku

(Left to right)dango, daifuku
The difference lies in the preparation of the glutinous rice.
Mochi is made by steaming a special glutinous rice called 餅米 mochigome and then pounded until it becomes a soft, stretchy and sticky cake : mochi.

Dango is made by adding water to glutinous rice flour and mixing until it gets stretchy. It is then generally shaped into balls and steamed or boiled.

Daifuku consists of a small round mochi stuffed with sweet filling like bean paste originally. While the classic Daifuku is not with fruit, you can find a lot fillings such as matcha green tea, ice cream...

If you want to know more, you can refer to this article.

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