Updated: March 26, 2021
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A burger weighing about 2 kg appears in "29ON Kakuuchi Ginza store"


The "best" burger "$100 burger" created by combining the gourmet knowledge of the favy editorial department and the low-temperature cooking technology of "29ON" will appear in "29ON Kakuuchi Ginza store" for a limited time! Height 20 cm or more, weight about 2 kg.

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For a limited time! A huge burger appears in "29ON Kakuuchi Ginza store"

$100 burger(¥11,000)
Limited to 6 days from March 25th (Thu) to 29th (Mon) and 31st (Wed), 2021!
A 1-minute walk from Ginza Station / Exit C8, "29ON Kakuuchi Ginza Store" sells huge burgers with a height of 20 cm or more and a weight of about 2 kg.
Six kinds of meat such as roast beef and cutlet, which are rare parts, are sandwiched between them, and the gorgeous and superb junk visuals are attractive!
Please take this opportunity to taste a special burger for a limited time and in limited quantities.

"$100 burger" is reserved only! Reservation required 2 days before arrival

"$ 100 Burger" is offered by reservation only!
Reservations are required from the "29ON Kakuuchi Ginza" exclusive reservation form at least 2 days before your visit.

When making a reservation, be sure to enter "burger reservation" and "whether you want to eat in or take out" in the "request" column!
Please note that if you do not fill in this, you will not be able to eat "$ 100 burger".

What kind of burger is "$100 burger"?

The "$ 100" offered at "29ON Kakuuchi Ginza" is the "best" burger created by combining the gourmet knowledge of the favy editorial department and the low-temperature cooking technology of "29ON"!

By using abundant rare parts of beef, it combines luxury, deliciousness, and shocking visuals.

Supervised by the "favy editorial department" who ate many meat and hamburgers!

The "$ 100 burger" was supervised by the "favy editorial department" that runs gourmet media.
We have developed the "$ 100 burger" by making full use of the experience of eating and walking around the food of various restaurants.

Gourmet Instagrammers who have no eyes on hamburgers are also acclaimed.

Sand the rare roast beef and beef cutlet! Meat pressure stimulates appetite

Eight kinds of ingredients are sandwiched in "100 dollar burger".
From the top, cheddar cheese, roast beef of kainomi, pickles, the best roast beef, sliced beef tongue, roast beef of sirloin, beef cutlet with rare parts scissors, homemade pancetta, etc.

The cross section of the meat is tremendously powerful! I want to take a picture involuntarily.

Developed buns and sauces for "$ 100 burger"!

▲Prototype scenery
Meat is not the only thing we are particular about! I also develop buns and sauces from scratch.

The buns use the original recipe of raw bread made after receiving a reservation. The best buns that are soft but chewy are completed.

We are particular about the details such as "umami condensed mayonnaise" made from sirloin fat and "sauce for low temperature cooked meat" made by "meat enthusiast".

The best combination of french fries + bottle cola

$ 100 burger and cola set (¥11,111)
Speaking of burger side dishes, everyone loves french fries!
The "10,000 yen burger" is available with luxurious French fries seasoned with truffle salt.

You can also set a "bottle cola" that enhances the visual junk feeling.

If you can't eat it in the store, you can take it home or take it out!

"$ 100 burger" is also available for take-out!
You can also get a free take-out container if you can't eat it in the store.
* If you order to take it home, you will receive it in a special container. French fries are not included.

Influencers are welcome! Prepare a shooting space!

Free shooting space for influencers such as YouTuber and Instagrammers!

If you write "use of shooting space" in the request column at the time of reservation, you will be guided to the space separated by the Partition.
You can shoot without worrying about the reflections around you, so please take advantage of it.

Let's go eat the "$ 100 burger" developed with the aim of "Highest"!

Only "29ON Kakuuchi Ginza store" can eat "$ 100 burger" completely supervised by "favy editorial department" which operates gourmet media!
The sale is limited to 6 days from March 25th (Thu) to 29th (Mon) and 31st (Wed), 2021, and reservations are required 2 days before the store visit, so don't forget to make a reservation.

Please try the burger with a height of 20 cm or more and a weight of about 2 kg, which has an outstanding impact.
<< Overview of "$ 100 Burger" offered at "29ON Kakuuchi Ginza Store" >>
■ Offer period
・ March 25th (Thursday) -29th (Monday) and 31st (Wednesday), 2021
■ Price
・ "$ 100 burger" separately: 11,000 yen (tax included)
・ A set of "$ 100 burger" and "bottle cola": 11,111 yen (tax included)
■ How to purchase
・ Reservations are required from the reservation form on the "29ON Kakuuchi Ginza" website at least 2 days before your visit.
・ In the "Request" column, enter "Burger reservation" and "Which do you want to eat in or take out?"
・ If you would like to use the shooting space, please fill in the "Request column".
■ Notes
・ When ordering by takeout, it will be delivered in a special container. Also, the accompanying potatoes are not included.
・ The payment method is completely cashless. Please note that we do not exchange cash.
・ Cancellation is not possible. If canceled, 100% of the order fee will be charged as a cancellation fee.
・ As a general rule, we will make it assuming eating and drinking in the store. Takeout is possible, but we cannot guarantee the quality of the product immediately after delivery.

Shop Information

29ON Kakuuchi
[Adress] 4-3-1 Namikikan ginza9F ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo
[TEL] 050-3628-0828
[HP] http://kaku-ginza.29on.jp
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