Updated: November 06, 2018
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8 Best Ramen Shops in Akihabara

Akihabara has originally developed as busy streets for selling electric appliances, and since 2000, Akihabara has been innovated itself to be a "mecca" for "otaku people" who love Anime and games! But Akihabara's attraction is not only something digital but also ramen!! Actually, Akihabara is a battleground for ramen shops!

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田中そば店 Tanaka Soba-ten

10 minutes walk from Akihabara Station. This is a sister ramen shop of Tanaka-shoten know as its "Tonkotsu ramen."

The original soup capturing many people is Tonkotsu(pork bone broths) and salt base. You can add back fat on the soup! If you like classical ramen with high quality, Tanaka Soba-ten is perfect!
田中そば店 秋葉原店: Tanaka Soba-ten Akihabara-Branch
Address: the 1st floor of the Dai-ichi Haritani Building, 3-8-3 Kanda, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
東京都千代田区外神田3-8-3 第1針谷ビル 1F
Address: 0332563556

麺処 MAZERU Mengokoro Mazeru

Just a minute walk from Akihabara station.

MAZERU provides really unique ramen bowls featuring large serving noodles like "Ramen Jiro" and Mazesoba(Stir-Oiled noodles)!

Mountain-like vegetables, back fat and garlic is hard to stir, but your stomach must be satisfied!! If you want to eat the regular portion, they have one, but don't forget adding garlic and oils! Addictive Ramen is here...
麺処 MAZERU: Mendokoro Mazeru
Address: the 1st floor of the Dai-ni Higashi Building, 1-14 Kandasakuma-cho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
東京都千代田区神田佐久間町1-14 第2東ビル 1F
Holidays: Sundays, National holidays
Business Hours: 11:30 a.m.~3 p.m./5:30 p.m.~10 p.m.

麺屋武蔵 武仁 Menyamusashi Bujin

Near Akihabara Station, and the Showa-dori Exit(昭和通り口) is the most convenient to access!

The Chef's masterpiece is "Tsukemen," dipping soup noodles. The filling Chashu is like a big beef steak! The dipping soup is thick and flavorful "Tonkotsu" base.
麺屋武蔵 武仁: Menyamusashi Bujin
Address: 2-18-5 Kandasakuma-cho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

麺屋武蔵 巖虎 Menyamusashi Iwatora

Iwatora Ramen shop locates after a 5-minute walk from Akihabara Station. Chefs are passionate about serving a big and juicy Chashu as bacon!

Just before its serving, the chefs broils the surface of Chashu. You can enjoy the smell and two different textures from the same Chashu!
麺屋武蔵 巖虎: Menyamusashi Iwatora
Address: the 1st floor of Kikura building, 1-3-9 Kanda, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
東京都千代田区外神田1-3-9 木倉ビル 1F
Business Hours: 11a.m.~10p.m.

福の軒 Fuku no Ken

So close to the Showa-dori Exit of Akihabara Station. You can enjoy classic Tonkotsu ramen!

Fuku no Ken's ramen is really nice to your wallet! Even though they serves authentic delicious ramen, the price is just JPY 390!! Unbelievable ramen is here!
福の軒 秋葉原店: Fuku no Ken Akihabara-Branch
Address: 1-19 kandasakuma-cho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

饗 くろ喜 Motenashi Kuroki

Motenashi Kuroki is a popular ramen shop locating between Akihabara(秋葉原)and Asakusa-bashi(浅草橋). The entrance does not look casual ramen shop but Japanese classic restaurant.

You can try the original noodles with salt soup, miso soup and the other various soups by seasons! Each ramen of Motenashi Kuroki has each originality, but basically, their soup is lightly seasoned.
饗 くろき: Motenashi Kuroki
Address: 2-15 Kandaizumi-cho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

粋な一生 Iki na Issho

6 minutes walk from Akihabara Station.

Here, you will select your ramen soup from three kinds of ramen: salty meat base, chicken with miso base, and seafood with soy sauce base! Why don't you find your favorite combination...??
ラーメン食堂 粋な一生: Ramen Shokudo Iki na Issho
Address: the 1st floor of Chikuzen Building, 1-27-2 Daito, Daito Ward, Tokyo
東京都台東区台東1-27-2 竹善ビル1階

青島食堂 Aoshima-Shokudo

Aoshima-Shokudo is Tokyo-Branch of traditional local ramen coming from Nigata Prefecture.

The local ramen with ginger and soy sauce soup can be tasted here! If you feel kind of tired of typical ramen soup, Aoshima-Shokudo is good to go!
青島食堂秋葉原店: Aoshima-Shokudo Akihabara-Branch
Address: 3-20-1 Kandasakuma-cho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
I really love Ramen and Japan! No Ramen, No life.

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