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Best And Most Popular Tempura Restaurants in Kyoto

Kyoto City

Tempura is a traditional Japanese food you need to try in Japan. It is usually made with seafood and vegetables which are coated with a special batter and then deep-fried. Here is a list of the best restaurants where you can enjoy amazing tempura in Kyoto.

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Tenyu (点邑)

'Tenyu' is a world-class tempura restaurant that serves tempura that is delicious enough to have earned it a Michelin star. The tempura is cooked expertly and served to the customer one-by-one as it is taken from the hot oil. The tempura is wonderfully crispy, light, and not at all oily, and is a joy to eat. On top of the amazing food, Tenyu is located inside of a beautiful and well-known ryokan (traditional hotel) called 'Tawaraya.' The atmosphere adds to the meal, giving guests a truly 'Kyoto' experience. If you plan your trip far enough in advance, this is one of the nicest places you can stay in the city!

Tempura Matsu (天ぷら松)

Tempura Matsu is one of the most famous tempura restaurants among both locals and foreigners. It is near Arashiyama, a popular sightseeing spot in Kyoto, so you can stop by when you come to Arashiyama. 7-minutes walk from Matsuo-taisha station.

You can experience the very sophisticated tempura dining at Matsu. Each tempura is not just fried but is a little of creative in terms of toppings, seasonings, and the presentations. You can enjoy to watch and eat them. Their course menu ranges from about 5000 to 8000 yen.

Tempura Yoshikawa (天ぷら吉川)

Located 5 minute from Kyoto shiyakusho-mae station by walk, this tempura restaurant gives you the ultimate tempura experience.

This very popular restaurant serves great quality of tempura. The chefs will cook your tempura in front of you, so you can eat freshly fried tempura. They have course menus (3000 yen for lunch and 8000 yen for dinner) that comes with some kinds of tempura like shrimp and vegetables, rice, and soup.

Tempura Kyoboshi (天ぷら京星)

The most famous tempura restaurant in Kyoto located 3 mins walk form Gion Shijo station.

This restaurant is two starred Michelin restaurant, which means their food is amazing. Their customers always enjoy the presentations of the food too. They look too sophisticated to eat. Make sure to make a reservation before you go.

Tempura Yasaka Endo (天ぷら八坂圓堂)

If you couldn't make it in Kyoboshi as it is too popular to book the seats, Yasaka Endo is also a great option near Kyoboshi.

The restaurant has nice atmosphere where you can enjoy Japanese traditional decorations. Their tempura is freshly fried in the open kitchen and they have a variety of ingredients. You can put matcha salt on your tempura as well as the dipping sauce. Lunch course is 4000 yen.

Nakajin (なかじん)

Nakajin is a small tempura restaurant located in a 7-minutes walk away from Karasuyama-oike station. The owner is nice and welcoming.

You can have a delicate tempura meal at Nakajin. The chef carefully selects the ingredients and cook them. Its soba noodles are also said to be high-quality which is worth trying.

Tenichi (天一)

Tenichi is a well-known tempura restaurant originated in Ginza, Tokyo. There is a branch on the 11th floor of a shopping mall called "Kyoto Isetan" which is just a minute walk away from Kyoto station.

You can enjoy a counter tempura experience. They have a wide variety of menu items from a cheap tendon set to a gorgeous tempura course, so you can select one that suits you. The freshly fried tempura is very crispy and succulent.

Komefuku (米福)

If you are looking for a reasonable and delicious tempura, go to Komefuku for lunch. Just 2 mins walk from Shijo station.

They serve tendon (tempura on rice bowl) for 890 yen in the lunch time. It is very satisfying amount that includes two shrimps, chicken, egg, and some kinds of vegetables. Tempura is nicely crispy and the sauce is very savory.

Kyoto Gontaro (京都 権太呂)

Craving for the combination of noodle and tempura? This soba and udon restaurant located 5 mins walk form Shijo station serves great tempura.

Their soba, udon, and the soup are famous among both local people and visitors. The noodles are homemade and perfectly cooked, then served in the savory soup. They truly go well with tempura. Tempura soba/udon is 1100 yen.

Tasty Tempura in Kyoto!

Try one of the most popular Japanese food in a traditional city of Kyoto! These restaurants will give you a special, unforgettable tempura experience!

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