Updated: May 12, 2018
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8 BEST Tempura in Osaka - You Can't Miss These Delicious Tempura!

Osaka City

Tempura is a traditional, delicious Japanese food that you MUST try in Japan. Here is a list of restaurants where you can have the best tempura experience in Osaka. If you have a chance to come to Osaka, like visiting Osaka castles, using Osaka station or airport, you should give it a try!

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Tsuchiya ( つちや)

Tsuchiya is one of the most famous tempura restaurant in Osaka. It is in 15 mins walk from Esaka station.

This restaurant is a Michelin starred. They only serve course menus, which start from 3500 yen for lunch. several kinds of tempura come with some appetizers, rice, soup, and desserts that are totally satisfying.

Yotaro (与太呂)

Also a Michelin starred restaurant established in as old as 1921. It located 5 mins walk from Kitahama station.

Their tempura batter is thin and light, which enhances the natural taste of ingredients. The chefs will cook your tempura in front of you right before you eat. They use seasonal vegetables for tempura as well as fresh seafood like shrimps.

Shintaro (新太呂)

S 0008 https://r.gnavi.co.jp/ayw3ht1r0000/
Shintaro is another Micheline starred tempura restaurant in Osaka. It is small and has only 16 counter seats so the chef can carefully cook every piece of your tempura. 5 minutes walk from Yodoyabashi station.

Their tempura batter is thinner and lighter, which enhances the natural flavors of the ingredients. You eat them with their selected salt. They offer some course menu ranging from 3500 yen to 8500 yen.

Ishin (維新)

Slide 03 http://ishin-ryo.com/
Ishin is a unique, stylish tempura restaurant near Osaka station. You can also access from Umeda or Kitashinchi station within a 10-minutes walk.

What makes them unique is they serve tempura with champagne. They have over 150 kinds of champagne to choose from. The tempura is very sophisticated too, which actually goes well with the delicate taste of champagne.
Food 02 http://ishin-ryo.com/

Tempura Daikichi (天ぷら大吉)

If you are craving for a big tempura meal, this is the place to go. It is a 3 min walk from Namba station.

Their tempura is reasonably priced yet tastes great, so the restaurant is often crowded. They deep fry the tempura in an open kitchen in front of your eyes. You can order tempura piece by piece, and each one is only 100-200 yen. If you are a shrimp lover, it is also possible to get a lot of shrimp tempura!

Ebinoya (えびのや)

Ebinoya is a tempura chain restaurant with some branches in Osaka. One is located near the Osaka Castle, so it would be a good place to stop by when you make a visit to the castle.

They serve a great variety of tempura meals and also some tendons which are reasonably priced. Their meals are also very filling, so you can satisfy your hunger!

Shuhari (守破離)

Do you want to try tempura soba or udon? This soba restaurant located near Nishi-umeda station serves a variety of noodles including some with tempura.

The restaurant has a nostalgic atmosphere. They serve uncompromisingly homemade soba and soup that taste amazing. Dipping your tempura into the savory soup while slurping the noodle is the best.

Tendon Kaen (天丼かえん)

This is a tendon (tempura donburi/rice bowl) shop located just a min walk from Umeda station or a 10-min walk from Osaka station.

They are famous for the cheap, quick, and great tendon. They only open during lunchtime (11:00-16:00) and it's always crowded. The normal size tendon is only 500 yen, and the large size is 600 yen! Both have various kinds of tempura such as shrimps that are coated nicely with a crispy batter.


Osaka has such great tempura restaurants worth trying! If you have a chance to come to Osaka for sightseeing or just for a transit at Osaka station and airport, don't miss these delicious, traditional tempura to make your visit more special!
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