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8 Best Ramen Shops in Nakano, Tokyo!

In this article, we focused on ramen rerstaurants in Nakano. Nakano is easy to access from central Tokyo area. The choices of rarmen in Nakanno are huge, from authentic ones to new-style unique ramen. Come visit Nakano and find your favorite ramen!

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“Saikoro”, a ramen restaurant, is located in front of Nakano station South gate post office. You will notice their stylish black, white, and red building. Every 29th of the month (in Japanese 29th is pronounced “niku” = meat), is called “Niku Nibo Day” and you can enjoy their niku nibo Chinese noodle (meat and dried sardine broth) for 500 yen. Saikoro offers unique menus such as “Asa Ra”, morning ramen. They also offer seasonal ramen.

Their ramen, served with special soup made from dried sardine and pork bone and homemade chewy thick noodle, is absolutely delirious. An additional nice surprised on niku nibo Chinese noodle is the roasted pork slices covering the entire bowel top.


Barasobaya is located 4 minutes away from Nakano station. Their main soup basee is Tonkotsu, but they also have soy sauce, salt and and spicy soup base. Their chashu is very special, as they grill and stew the pork rib to get the juicy and soft taste. Their homemade wheat noodles are very soft and creates a perfect harmony with the soup.

You can add toppings like egg, spinach, seaweed, meat, cabbage, etc. During dinner time only, they also serve Gyoza for ¥380.


Located 3 minutes away from Nakano station North gate.
Aoba must be one of the most famous ramen restaurants that people will think of in Nakano. They serve their ramen with freshly prepared homemade noodle. You may enjoy “an additional” flavor by adding yuzu-pepper while eating.

Aoba serves four simple ramen: chuka soba (Chinese noodle), special chuka soba, tsukemen (dipping noodle), and special tsukemen. Their thick flavorful soup is prepared from seafood broth (dried bonito, dried mackerel, and dried sardines) and meat broth (chicken and pork).


Located 3 minutes away from Nakano station South gate. Take a straight walk on Nakano-Dori (Nakano Street) from the station and you will see “Budouka, the second” on your right.
Budouka serves Iekei ramen in Nakano. Iekei rarmen follows the pork and soy sauce base soup style of Yoshimura-ya ramen noodle chain.

This is the place for someone who loves super thick and rich, pork bone and soy source base soup served with chewy, thick, and wrinkled noodle. You can request for an unlimited additional serving of white rice as you want with no extra charge. This is a place sure to satisfy your hunger!

Mentakumi Yousuke

Located within a 4 minutes-walk from Nakano station North gate. Yousuke, famous for their rich chicken stock ramen is in an entertainment district. Even the roasted chicken slice served with the ramen is soft and flavorful. You may add a squeeze of lemon juice for an additional flavor.

Their soup is full of great chicken flavor, so thick, creamy, and rich without showing any unpleasant taste of the meat. The noodle perfectly matches with the soup is a straight-middle thickness type, it has a nice wheat flavor and cooked in al dente.


Located 4 minutes away from Nakano station North gate.
You will see ramen restaurant “Hoozuki” by turning right before the broadway. The chunky thin noodle that clings to the soup is so delicious! Enjoy Hoozuki’s unique tantanmen (Spicy Chinese style noodle) with shrimp stock.

The restaurant is famous for their specialty in tantanmen. You can choose the level of the spiciness. It is definitely spicy, but you will sure to enjoy the great match of the spiciness from the red chili and the creaminess of the soup.


Ramen restaurant “Marukatsu” is located between Nakano and Shin Nakano stations, 8 minutes away from Nakano station South gate and within a 5 minute-walk from Shin Nakano station. Not only ramen, but they also serve beef curry, utilizing the full flavors of the beef.

A definite dish to try at the restaurant is Gyu-koku Ramen, the beef ramen. You will enjoy the full sweet flavors of Japanese A4, A4 grade beef stock that you will not experience at any other ramen restaurants. Their chewy noodle is also great. And you cannot forget about the roasted beef slices on the top!

Tsukemen Fujimaru

Located 6 minutes away from Nakano station North gate.
This small restaurant in the back street is known among those ramen lovers for serving a popular chicken stock ramen in Nakano.

Fujimaru’s dipping sauce prepared from chicken broth (with full collagen!) goes perfectly well with their medium thickness wavy noodle. You may try adding Fujimaru’s special hot shrimp spice to enjoy another delicious flavor. Fujimaru is the one to try tsukemen in Nakano!


Did you find a ramen restaurant that stimulates your appetite? Nakano is an easy access from central Tokyo area. So why not try one today?
I really love Ramen and Japan! No Ramen, No life.

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