Updated: November 06, 2018
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Eat Frozen Yogurts To Cool Yourself Down In Hot And Humid Tokyo Summer!

It's getting hotter and hotter day by day...which means it's the season for ice cream and frozen yogurts! In Tokyo, there are not too many frozen yogurt stands, but it is gradually becoming popular from it being more healthy the ice creams, but still tasty! This article will introduce 5 good frozen yogurt stores in Tokyo, so you can enjoy some cool, healthy and delicious summer dessert!

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menchie's frozen yogurt

menchie's is located inside Biqlo, which is within a 5 minute walk from Shinjuku station. It is a frozen yogurt store from Los Angeles, and you can make your own cup of frozen yogurt here! You can choose many different yogurt flavors, and add toppings such as fresh fruits, chocolates, cake, and syrups. The price depends on the weight of your cup of frozen yogurt, and it is one of the only places in Tokyo where you can make your own cup of frozen yogurt!


This store is located 2 minutes away from Kichijoji station. It is an organic frozen yogurt store, serving fresh and healthy frozen yogurt with their selected seasonal fruits. As they only use fresh, seasonal fruits to make the frozen yogurt, their flavors are also seasonal and changes very frequently. Some of the most popular flavors are avocado, strawberry, and cream cheese frozen yogurt!


Sno:la is a frozen yogurt stand based in Beverly Hills, USA. They are known for their organic yogurts, and it opened in Ginza, Tokyo in 2010, inside the department store Ginza Mitsukoshi located 3 minutes away from the station. You can order frozen yogurt that comes with their original sauce, such as "Italian tart and Sour Cherry Sauce" or "Dulce de Leche and Mango Passion Fruit Sauce." You can also add toppings such as fresh fruits, nuts, and corn flakes!


Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt store based in California, USA,and is located in Odaiba, Tokyo, which is the first pinkberry store opened in Japan. It is located 5 minutes away from Tokyo Teleport station, and is inside the shopping mall Venus Fort. At this store, you first choose your flavor of frozen yogurt, size, and toppings, and the staff will do it all for you and make your customized frozen yogurt! You can also order smoothies, parfaits, as well as take out frozen yogurts!


Lemson's is a frozen yogurt shop located inside a shopping mall in Odaiba, called Aqua City. This mall is located 5 minutes away from Daiba station, where you can find Joypolis, the indoor amusement park! This shop is located on the 3rd floor, and you can enjoy choosing your own flavors and toppings and customizing it yourself! There are 12 different flavors and 24 different toppings to choose from, so you can enjoy a variety of tastes of frozen yogurt here.


Enjoy fresh, healthy and delicious frozen yogurts in Tokyo for your dessert:)

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