Updated: November 06, 2018
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Cheap Eats Tokyo: Extreme Value Gyudon & More At Sukiya Japan

Look out for the big red bowl! You won't find much else better than this! You can easily get a decent size meal for as little as 500 yen at Sukiya! They serve up Japanese-style meals fast food style - perfect for people on the run or struggling to find time to cook at home. Locations all across Japan!

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Just a walk around nearly any city in Japan you'll find a little eater known to nearly all locals in Japan. Sukiya is one of the leading restaurant chains in Japan with about 2,000 outlets nationwide.
If you've never heard of Sukiya, think fast food Japanese food. The interior is kind of set up like a cafeteria or sorts. They generally have both counter seating and table seating. At most places like these in Japan you usually yell "Sumimasen" (excuse me) out to the staff and they'll come and take your order. At the table seating here, some stores offer a call button to save your embarrassment.
Sukiya specalises in gyudon, curry, and tuna, with gyudon being the most popular item on the menu by far. Prices start from only, wait for it.... 290 yen!!!
They also run seasonal specials throughout the year, like this Gyudon with grilled eggplant in Arrabbiata sauce. It adds a distinct Italian flavour to the dish!
Or how about this cheesy gyudon with 3 different types of cheese! Yum!
You can also choose to upgrade your bowl into a meal combo, coming with soup, salad, and additional toppings for as little as 150 yen.
Next thing you want to try here is the curry. It's a traditional Japanese-style curry with a selection of additional toppings to choose from. This one is the gyudon curry!
Match it with an Asahi beer!
Another cool item on the menu is the Unagi Gyudon (Grilled Eel and Beef). If you've never had eel before give it a try here. It's coated it a special sweet soy sauce and is super delicious. You can now tick eel off your bucket list of things to eat!
Now here comes the tuna bowls. There's a couple of variations like this minced tuna, spring onion and egg bowl. It's a pretty Japanese dish and popular with locals out for a cheap but delicious tuna dish. It's only 650 yen!
You also have the standard tuna sashimi bowl which is a popular favourite of mine! And it's only 680 yen!
If you're out for a solid breakfast to kick off your full day of sightseeing try the Salmon combo set! It's got plenty of volume to give you energy for hours!
One thing to mention is that they are open 24hours at most locations so do like the locals do and grab a Gyudon after a big night of drinking!

What bowl will you try?

They also have English menus and info on their website in English which will make ordering a breeze! Enjoy!
I've been traveling and eating my way around the world! Now I'm in Tokyo to share all my favourite spots! I spend my time traveling, surfing, hiking, camping and eating amazing food! My favourite Japanese food...Agedashi Tofu!

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