Updated: November 06, 2018
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Only in Kansai: Try 551 Horai and Go Local!

You might have seen this store at airports or stations - 551 Horai is a very famous chain restaurant that is beloved by people in Kansai (Western part of Japan) region. They only have stores in Kansai area, so make sure to check their delicious yet cheap butaman (nikuman or a steamed bun with pork inside) and other Chinese dishes while you are there!

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551 Horai

551 Horai is really famous for their butaman, and are heavily loved by people living in Kansai. You can immediately recognize someone is carrying 551's butaman on a train just by the smell of it. It is that popular and well-known among locals.
It might sound weird, but people enjoy butaman with Japanese mustard called Karashi. It goes well with butaman and their other famous food called Shumai. Their gyoza, pan-fried dumplings is also a must-try dish at Horai. Their simple yet savory seasoning is so addictive...you would definitely want to come back again.
They also offer popsicles as known as "ice candy", which are also famous among the locals.
They have stores all around the Kansai region, but their restaurants are located only in Osaka. Unfortunately they do not have an English website, but we will provide the link to Japanese website below.

Have a local experience at 551 Horai!

Their stores can be found everywhere, from Shinkansen (rapid train) stations to streets, so if you are looking for something to snack on, it is a perfect place to stop by! I can tell you, once you have their butaman, you will constantly have cravings for it. So be prepared!
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