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An Extraordinary Experience At Sushi Cooking Lessons In Tokyo!

Are you wondering what you should do in Tokyo? What about a sushi making lesson by professional sushi chefs and locals?! Wearing the sushi chef outfit, making your own sushi, eating the sushi and taking many photos with your friends and families will definitely be an extraordinary experience that you can only have in Japan!

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Sushi Making With A Professional Sushi Chef (Tsukiji)

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This is a sushi making class taught by a professional chef in Tsukiji. Tsukiji is the world's largest fish market, so taking a sushi class in this area is definitely special! Also, there will be a fluent English speaker, so you do not have to worry about not knowing Japanese!
You will also be able to wear sushi chef outfits and take many photos during the workshop.
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In this 2 hour sushi workshop, you will experience cutting raw fish and making sushi rolls (temaki sushi) with fresh fish from the Tsukiji fish market, as well as grinding real wasabi roots. Once everyone finishes making the temaki sushi, you will be able to eat it at the end of the class all together!

Sushi Art Cooking (Nihonbashi)

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This is a 3 hour tour that includes learning about the "washoku" culture by a n English speaking guide and experience making sushi art for lunch.

First, you will experience learning about the history and culture of Japanese food, with a Nihonbashi walking tour by an English speaking guide.
Then, you will be taken to the cooking studio and will be taught how to make sushi rolls. This will also be conducted by an English speaking instructor.
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After the class, you will have to time to eat and enjoy your creations. And lastly, you will receive a recipe movie to take back home and share to your friends!

This tour is a combination of looking and listening about the Japanese food culture, but also experiencing it hands-on. Anyone who is above the age of 9 can join this class!

Hand Roll And Nigiri Sushi Cooking Workshop (Asakusa)

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This a sushi cooking workshop held at Asakusa, and the lessons will be done by a professional sushi chef with 30 years of experience!

First, there will be a lecture about the history of sushi and how sushi is eaten and ordered. There will be an English interpreter, so English speakers are more than welcomed!
You will then experience making nigiri and temaki sushi and also learn how to cut fresh, raw fish.
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After the lesson, you can enjoy the tasting party and try eating the sushi that you made yourself. Finally, the sushi chef will give you a sushi recipe that you can take home.
Make sure to bring a smart phone or camera, so that the staff can take many pictures for you!

Private Hand Roll Sushi Cooking (Hatchobori)

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If you are looking for a private lesson with locals who can speak English, this is a good plan for you. You can experience making hand roll sushi and soy bean curd sushi (inari sushi). The lesson will be held in a place near Hatchobori station, and since it is on the 25th floor, you can also enjoy the view of Tokyo during your sushi making class.
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After the lesson, you can enjoy eating you handmade roll sushi and inari sushi, and the host will also make traditional Japanese appetizers for you. If you want to get to know locals, or want to experience making sushi in a more homely environment, this is the perfect plan for you.

Private Sushi Making Class With A Professional Sushi Chef (Tsukiji)

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If you want a private sushi making class in a more professional environment, this plan may be better for you. This lesson is held in Tsukiji, and is taught by a professional sushi chef. You will be able to experience making sushi behind the sushi counter at a famous Tsukiji restaurant. You will also be able to wear a sushi chef outfit, which you can take home as a souvenir.
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After the lesson, you can enjoy your creations, miso soup, as well as the authentic, high-quality sushi made by the master chef. While eating, the English interpreter will explain about the history of sushi and answer any questions you have about sushi.

The staff will take many photos for you, but at the end of the lesson, they will give you a traditional "yunomi" teacup, a proper group photo and a Japanese fan.


Eating sushi when visiting Japan is a great experience, but to experience the whole process of making sushi and learning about the history and culture of sushi will definitely be more memorable and special. It is an activity that you can only do when visiting Japan, so sushi cooking lessons are highly recommended for those who want a hands-on experience of Japanese culture!

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