Updated: April 17, 2018
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New Form of Souvenir! Learn How to Cook Japanese Food at Cooking Class in Tokyo!

Who said Japanese souvenirs can only be things like snacks and chopsticks? Bring back some cooking skills! Here is a list of cooking classes in Tokyo that you can take and learn how to cook Japanese food!

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Looking for a place to learn how to make sushi in Japan? This place offers sushi making class at a very friendly atmosphere. You get to learn how to make sushi from a very friendly professional chef who has 30 years of experience in making sushi! He will teach you steps thoroughly, so don't worry about having no experience in making sushi.
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Of course, you can eat sushi that you made at the end of class. Surprise your friends and family with your sushi making skills! More information can be found in the link below.


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Ramen is one of the popular Japanese dishes that many people love. Located in Asakusa, "Yukikage", a ramen restaurant specialized in chicken ramen, teaches you how to make ramen in a traditional outfit! You get to experience the most essential step of making ramen called "yugiri" and you also get to eat ramen that you cooked.
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It is probably hard to find a place where they offer ramen cooking class at an actual ramen restaurant. Check the following link to make reservation!


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Tempura uses lots of oil, so it is not the easiest dish to cook at home. But this place offers a lesson where they teach you how to fry tempura! You also have a chance to walk around the Imperial Palace.
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With an English-fluent, professional and friendly instructor, I can tell you, this will be one of unforgettable experiences in Japan! Check the link below for more information, or for making reservation.


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Soba making is popular among Japanese people too. This place offers a soba making lesson taught by a professional soba chef. You can take soba that you made back home, which is a great souvenir for your family or friends.
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Freshly made soba is the best and tastes different from what you get in restaurants! It is also a great experience to see the process of soba making too! Check the link below for more information.

Okonomiyaki and Monja

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Okonomiyaki, Japanese pizza or pancake, and Monja are also very popular in Japan. You usually make it by yourself at most of Okonomiyaki or Monja restaurants, but sometimes it could be confusing. Even I couldn't figure out how to make one for the first few times.
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So if you want to learn how to make Okonomiyaki and Monja before going in to one of those Okonomiyaki/Monja restaurants, or if you're just simply curious how to make them, you should definitely check this out! They offer great Okonomiyaki experience where you can cook and learn from locals. You can make reservation from the link below.


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Sukiyaki is a very popular hot pot dish that many people love. Usually consisted of lots of vegetables and beef, its slightly sweet but savory taste is what attract people's heart. Yet it looks simple to make, they way vegetables are chopped and warishita (broth) is made could be difficult and is definitely worth learning.
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It is such a great opportunity to learn how to make Sukiyaki, so if you are interested, check the link below for more information on this cooking class!


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Looking for a place to learn how to make gyoza, or pan fried dumplings? You should check the link below! This is a class instructed by a professional teacher with great hospitality at a new cooking studio located in Shibuya. You get to learn different kinds of gyoza including fried gyoza and boiled gyoza using pork, shrimp and veggies.

Oyakodon Bowl

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Another popular Japanese dish is called Oyakodon (bowl of rice topped with egg, chicken and onions), and this cooking class teaches you how to make it! They also teach you how to make miso soup, which is a perfect side dish for oyakodon.
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They will also teach you how to use unqiue Japanese cooking tools and provide you with Japanese style aprons! It also comes with drink (sake, beer, green tea, etc) and seasonal fruits. It is recommended to book 3 days in advance!

Authentic Japanese food

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Are you wondering where you can learn how to make authentic Japanese food? Try this cooking class! They teach you not only how to cook home-made dishes but also about Japanese ingredients and seasoning! You get to cook one main dish, two side dishes, miso soup and rice.
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Wagashi (Traditional Japanese Confectionery)

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Have you ever seen these small pretty sweets at department store, or at traditional style cafes? Did you know that there is a cooking lesson that you can take and learn how to make them?
Instructed by a local expert, this cooking class offers an amazing cooking experience where you can make wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionery sweets! Wagashi is very sensitive and beautiful sweets that is beloved by Japanese people as well as foreigners.
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They offer regular and seasonal menu (regular menu is nerikiri, the most famous wagashi, and seasonal menu is mochi sweets), and you can eat wagashi that you made with tea. It will be a fun and unforgettable experience to make your own wagashi! Only in Japan!


There are lots of cooking classes that offer lessons on how to cook Japanese food at home. Some dishes can only be learned by attending cooking classes too!
While you are in Japan, why not try attending one of these cooking classes taught by locals to learn how to cook Japanese dishes?

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