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All About Mister Donut Japan And Its Awesome Menu

Mister Donut, as known as "Misdo", is one of the most popular chains in Japan. They not only offer donuts but also pasta, ice cream and even dim sum! Check out the menu of the most popular donut chain in Japan.

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Mister Donut in Japan

Established in Boston, Manhattan in 1955, they opened their first store in 1971 in Suita, Osaka, Japan! They have more than 1100 stores nationwide, and they are one of the most popular fast food chains! What distinguishes Mister Donut from other fast food chains is their variety of donuts that you can get at really cheap price.
How you order is quite simple. You choose which donuts you want to eat, and tell the staff. Most of the menu is written in Japanese, but if you can't read, it is totally fine to just point to the one you want! Some stores let you pick up the ones you want and put in on a tray yourself.


Donuts are between ¥100 and ¥170. Periodically they have time sales where they sell most of them for ¥100. If you notice that, don't think twice, just go. Mister Donuts discount sales can get a bit crazy. It's not uncommon to see people waiting in line.

The Classic: Pon-de-Ring

Their singature donut is called "pon-de-ring", a very chewy sugar coated donut that makes you feel like you're eating mochi. They have several flavors including strawberry, brown sugar and plain, and depending on the season, they offer limited edition flavor. In the past they had flavors such as green tea, orange, soy sauce, mango yogurt, sesame brulé (picture above) and more! You have to have this one because it is so different than a western style donut because of the chewiness.

"Donut Pops"

Their small donuts are known as "Donut Pops"! They only cost ¥36 a piece. What's nice is that you can get an assortment of different kinds.

Old Fashion

Other popular donuts the "Old fashion" ones that are super dense. The texture is quite the opposite of the pon-de-ring.

French Crueller

Their French Cruller donuts are so nice. Quite soft, the glazing on top of them is beautiful and not too sweet.

Try Them While You Can!

They also have limited edition donuts! Among the most interesting past kinds were the curry donut pictured above. If you are familiar with curry-pan (bread with curry inside), which is a popular bread in Japan, it would be easier to imagine how they taste like.
They quite often release some special wafu (Japanese-style) donuts made from traditional ingredients used in Japanese confectionaries. The one pictured above is made with green tea paste, anko (adzuki bean paste), and mochi.

Other Foods

They also serve dim sum and other noodle dishes as well as fried rice. Their food menu is mainly Chinese cuisine.
Their Cotton Snow Candy is also a must-try dessert! They have strawberry, mango and kinako (roasted soy bean flour) with red bean or with whipped cream. Flavors changes seasonally so keep updated!

Store Location

Unfortunately they do not have English website. But for those of you who would like to check what Mister Donut has to offer, check the link below!

Try the most beloved donuts at Mister Donut!

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