Updated: October 17, 2019
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7 Michelin Starred Sushi Restaurants You Must Try in Tokyo

There are many sushi restaurants in Tokyo and sometimes it could be overwhelming, and the process of figuring out and making reservation could be time consuming. So here's a quick list of good sushi restaurants in Tokyo that you can easily reserve!

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Sukiyabashi Jiro (Roppongi Branch)

Here you get to have an exquisite sushi experience provided by one of Japan's best sushi chefs! This is a Michelin starred restaurant, you get to eat authentic sushi at this Roppongi branch. Since they are really popular and fully booked most of the times, it is usually very hard to make a reservation, so you should hurry! Check the link below for more information and to make reservation.


This sushi restaurant has been Michelin starred for six years in a row! The staffs are very energetic and enthusiastic, and their indescribably delicious sushi attract people's heart. With their selected ingredients from different parts of Japan, they offer you an incredibly refined sushi experience! Check the following link for more information and to make reservation.


Located in Nishi Azabu, this Michelin-starred restaurant is a sushi restaurant where they also serve champagne and wine along with sake. Their sushi is top quality and amazing, and their atmosphere is very relaxing and welcoming. The most recommended menu is the chef's omakase (the chef's choice)! Hot green tea will be a great way to finish off your high quality sushi experience at Taku. Check the link below to save your seat!

Sushi Shin

Hidden in a street of Tokyo, this Michelin star winner serves beautiful sushi! Very popular among Japanese celebrities and people from overseas, this high end sushi restaurant offers top notch sushi experience! Just leave everything with the chef rather than choosing each neta (toppings), because the chef knows how to do it right. He got your back, so don't worry, just let him know what you cannot eat, and he'll make your visit unforgettable. Click the link below for more information and reservation because you will not want to miss this out.

Sushi Kanesaka

Tucked away in a cozy basement in the fashionable Ginza district, Sushi Kanezaka should be on every sushi lover's hit list. This Michelin starred restaurant serves sushi that is delicious and delicately balanced. Watching the chefs at Kanesaka form the sushi in front of you is an amazingly important part of the experience. They move with fluidity and grace, efficiently and masterfully forming each nigiri before placing it in front of you. The taste is, of course, fantastic, and it is only enhanced by being able to see the process of creation.
At Kanesaka, diners eat a course menu that will be determined by the chef based on the best ingredients available. Of course, if you have any allergies or items that you really can't eat, you can let the chef know, otherwise just sit back and enjoy the chef's delicious choices.
The fantastic dinner course starts at ¥30,000, but lunch is very affordable, with options as low as ¥5,000. This is a great deal, considering the amazing quality (remember, it has a Michelin star)!

Sushi Fukumoto

Sushi Fukumoto has held its Michelin star for 11 consecutive years, no small feat for a sushi restaurant in Tokyo. Located near Shimokitazawa Station in south Tokyo, the small restaurant contains an 8-seat counter and one private room. The chef buys fresh fish from Toyosu market every morning, but won't serve anything inferior to his customers. There's even a statement on the website saying that they will contact customers with a reservation in case there isn't enough quality fish on that day and service needs to be cancelled, although this rarely happens.
The sushi served goes wonderfully with sake, and the chef encourages ordering some to drink while you enjoy the course. The basic nigiri course is ¥11,000, and the omakase course is ¥16,000. This is an excellent option if you're looking for a reliably excellent sushi course that is a bit off the beaten path.

Sushi Matsumoto

Chef Matsumoto is a top-notch chef with a resume that includes years working at high-caliber restaurants including Kyubey and Sushi Kanesaka, some of the most highly-regarded sushi restaurants in Tokyo. He serves exceptional sushi of the same caliber at his own restaurant, but only just gained his first Michelin Star in 2019, meaning that reservations are still easier to get. Matsumoto is guaranteed to satisfy the craving of even the most sophisticated sushi connoisseur.
Everything at Matsumoto is outstanding, and the high number of nigiri served throughout the course means that guests will be treated to a huge variety of flavors and combinations. A couple of the items that stand out as particularly unique are the 'nebuto' (small fish fried whole without batter), and uni (sea urchin) wrapped in a thin slice of squid sashimi. The flavor combinations are exceptional and are guaranteed to please.
The lunch course will cost about ¥1,100, whereas the dinner course will cost ¥25,000. It's definitely not a cheap meal, but the price is quite appropriate for the quality of the sushi that guests get to enjoy.


Sushi represents Japanese food culture and one of the food that Japan is very proud of. There are a wide range of sushi restaurant from high-end to casual, but if you really really want to experience authentic sushi, you should definitely visit the restaurants mentioned above. Sushi is always a good option for a nice dinner and night out. So book now for a magical sushi experience in Tokyo!

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