Updated: November 06, 2018
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Crispy but Creamy! Try Gindaco's Tasty Takoyaki in Japan!

Takoyaki (octopus balls) is well known as Osaka people's soul food, but 20 years ago this famous Takoyaki chain opened its first store in Ginza, Tokyo. Let's find out why their Takoyaki is so popular among Japanese people as well as people who live across borders!

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This year Gindaco is celebrating their 20th birthday! Established exactly 20 years ago, they have been providing one-and-only Takoyaki experience not only to people in Japan but also to attracting people in different countries by opening new stores overseas and delivering their delicious Takoyaki.


Octopus, which is the most essential part of Takoyaki, is what Gindaco cares the most. Their fresh, juicy octopus adds umami to their Takoyaki. Other ingredients such as red ginger, green onion and tenkasu (crunchy bits of deep fried tempura batter) also explain the reason of its popularity.
Their strictly selected green onion with well balanced sweetness and spiciness blends in really well with Takoyaki, their tenkasu contains their exclusive dashi that adds savory taste, and their red ginger is cut in uniform manner so that it taste the same regardless of part of the ginger.
They also use 100% corn oil which is cholesterol free and friendly to our body! The oil they use and the batter that they make are what creates their addicting texture, super crispy on the outside and thick and creamy on the inside.


The classic Takoyaki is probably the most popular Takoyaki at Gindaco, and I probably don't even need to mention how good they are. Their other menu such as Teritama (teriyaki sauce with egg salad), Negidaco (green onion topped on top of Takoyaki), and Cheese Mentaiko are must-try too!
They also offer seasonal menu, and right now they are providing refreshing Takoyaki experience with their new menu! On the left is Aojiso Oroshi Ponzu (Green shiso or perilla and grated radish with ponzu sauce) and the one on the right is Setouchi Salt Lemon! Such a perfect Takoyaki to eat on a hot summer day.

Takoyaki with Highball!

Did you know that some Gindaco stores recently started providing alcohol (mainly highball or whisky) along with their Takoyaki called "Gindaco Highball Sakaba"? They also have Highball Sakaba exclusive Takoyaki menu that goes well with highball, such as Negi-Ikura Koboshi (green onion and ikura), cheese and bacon and more!
Other than Takoyaki, they offer appetizers and teppanyaki dishes as well as deep fried food. If you are looking for a place that offers great Takoyaki night out, Gindaco Highball Sakaba is strongly recommended! They are located in so many different places (mainly in Tokyo!).
The link is only available in Japanese, but we'll provide it to you anyways just in case because it could be helpful. So check the following link for more information about the store location.

Find Gindaco near you!

As we mentioned above, they only have Japanese website available, but it is worth checking out their website for more information about Gindaco. Click "店舗" for store locator, and click "メニュー" for menu information.
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