Updated: August 06, 2018
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9 Best Restaurant to Eat "BUTA DON", Pork Rice Bowl in Tokyo

Have you already tries a beef rice bowl? Then, you should also try "pork rice bowls"! Pork bowls are served with sweet flavorful soy sauce! Even one bite...you would be obsessed by the unforgettable taste... Cheap and delicious Japanese food? Of course, pork bowls!

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豚野郎 Butayaro

A minute walk from Ochanomizu Station(御茶ノ水駅). Menu is pork bowls only!
Small Pork Bowl(小豚丼) JPY 480
Regular Pork Bowl(中豚丼) JPY 680
Large Pork Bowl (大豚丼) JPY 880

The large one in this picture seems that a lot of pork slices almost flow over!
The seasoned pork is finely grilled with charcoal.

豚大学 Buta-Daigaku

Shinbashi Station(新橋駅) is the most convenient to access. It locates in the New-Shinbashi Building. They has a sister store in Jinbo-Cho(神保町)
On the wall of the shop, there are Five Articles about eating a pork bowl lol Interesting!
1.Enjoy eating.
2.Eat everything.
3.Have fun with toppings.
4.Be energetic and go home.
5.Come back again.

Small JPY 500
Regular JPY 650
Large JPY 810
Extra Large JPY 1,020

The original pork barbecue sauce is spicy and sweet! Go well with rice so much!

豚丼 ブーたん Butadon Butan

A 2-minute walk from Toei Mita Line(都営三田線)Itabashi Honmachi Station(板橋本町駅). The restaurant is owned by a Nepalese. How is a Nepalese style of a pork bowl...?
Menu is just a pork bowl!
Small JPY 580
Regular JPY 680
Large JPY 780

You can choose the flavor between sweet or spicy. After getting an order, the owner begins cooking with charcoal.The savory smell of pork will make you starving more and more! Even you choose the large one, it is just JPY 780. If you additionally pay 200 yen, 100g of pork slices will be added.

とんたん Tontan

A 3-minute walk from Togoshi Station(戸越駅).The shop locates on the Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street(戸越銀座商店街). In 1933, Pork bowls were originally born in Obihiro(帯広),Hokkaido. You can enjoy the authentic Obihiro styled pork bowls here!
Large (300g) JPY 980
Regular (200g) JPY 680
Small (100g)JPY 500

The owner selects the most suitable pork for this pork bowls.The original barbecue sauce is really matching with the pork and rice.

豚丼専門店木ノ下 Butadon Senmonten Kinoshita

A 3-minute walk from Higashi Kurume Station(東久留米駅). Kinoshita is a new shop which was opened in 2014.
I haven't seen such a pork bowl before! Pork slices are beautifully arranged like a flower!

Ume 梅(with a poached egg)JPY 750
Take 竹 JPY 880
Matsu 松 JPY 1,180
If you want to add rice, you can be free to ask!

白樺 Shirakaba

A 4-minute walk from Toei Mita Line(都営三田線) Itabashi-Ward Yakushomae Station(板橋区役所前駅). Shirakaba, a famous shop, moved to Itabashi area from Shinjuku area.
The regular bowl is JPY 680.
The pork loin bowl is JPY 780.
Every size can be changed to a large serving for free!

Shirakaba features wide variety in pork bowls. Green onion with an egg, mayo, kimuchi,...etc. You can enjoy different kinds of flavors!

炭焼き豚丼 和とん Sumibiyaki Butadon Waton

A 7-minute walk from Akabane Station(赤羽駅).
Waton uses a fine pork called "Yonezawa Buta Ichiban Sodachi" which is grown under healthy and clean environment.
The interesting thing is that you can choose the size by the number of slices, such as 4 slices are JPY 670 and 7 slices are JPY 820! Also, there are salty pork bowls and fatty pork bowls. You can have both by a half & half bowl!

ぶたいち Butaichi

A 3-minute walk from Ningyo-cho Station(人形町駅).
The pork Butaichi provides is directly delivered from a meat shop of Obihiro(帯広), Hokkaido!
It is opened only in lunch time.
The original barbecue sauce is made with kombu from Hokkaido and fine soy sauce.

You can choose a bowl by a quality of meat; pork loin, pork back ribs, special pork loin, special back ribs, mix and special mix. The price will be from JPY 680 to JPY 1750.

Pork bowls(豚丼) make a new food culture in Japan!

Unlike Japanese beef, pork is relatively cheap and easy to get in the past, so pork has been so familiar with Japanese life for a long time! Eating pork bowls might connect to understanding Japanese food culture.

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