Updated: January 23, 2019
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7 Best "Unaju" Restaurants in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka


Hamamatsu City of Shizuoka Prefecture is a famous place for eel production. For that reason, if you visit, you should try unaju (eel bowl), the local specialty. This article introduces the best unaju restaurants in Hamamatsu.

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Unagi (eel)

Eel is eaten in many parts of the world. In Japanese traditional cuisine, freshwater eel is called unagi. There is a dish called Unaju (うな重), which literally means eel rice bowl. The Japanese have a very authentic way of grilling and seasoning the eel that is simply irresistible. If you are in Hamamatsu City, you definitely have to try these excellent restaurants which are popular with the locals and tourists alike.


Kawamasu has been around for more than 80 years! Popular with the locals, you can place your bet on this one if you're looking for great-tasting unaju! It has a beautiful rustic interior with tatami and counter seats.
【Recommended Menu Items/ JPY】
うな重(Unaju) ¥2,600
上うな重(Jo-Unaju) ¥2,900
ハーフ重(Half Unagi Box) ¥3,400/ 2 persons
*You can divide one eel in two servings.
The unagi is cooked just right, Kansai region style. The outside is crispy and the inside is very soft. Before you get served your dish, you'll get some delicious and crispy unagi bone senbei (crackers).


You'll find Kawana at around a 10-minute drive from Hamamatsu-Nishi(浜松西)Exit of Tomei(東名)Highway.
【Recommended Menu/ JPY】
特(Toku) ¥3,000
上(Jo) ¥2,700
Kids Unadon ¥1,540

*There are also Unagi meals with salad and soup, and several sides.
This place serves delicious charcoal grilled eel which gives the dish a pleasant smokey scent. The secret to making such a crispy exterior is to broil the unagi at high temperature quickly. This way the inside stays soft too.


Isn't this place just amazing!? It looks like a Japanese traditional house. You'll surely feel something special walking into such nice restaurant located in the Shinohara(篠原)area is Unaten.
Private guest rooms are available. Enjoy meals in a relax ambiance.
【Recommended Menu Items】
上(Jo) ¥3,000
特上(Toku-Jo) ¥3,900
*Soup and pickles are included
Kids Unadon ¥800
*Served with snacks


Kantaro has two locations in Hamamatsu.
Here is a restaurant in Shijimizuka(蜆塚).
A 10-minute ride by bus from Hamamatsu Station(浜松駅).

【Recommended Menu Items/ JPY】
うな丼(Unadon) ¥2,520
うな重(Unagi Box) ¥2,980
うなぎとろとろ丼(Unagi with graded yam bowl) ¥2,420
*Served with soup, small appetizers, and pickles.

You can also try here what is called the "shiro yaki" which is the eel without seasoning. In a good restaurant such as this one, when the eel is cooked to perfection and is taken fresh, seasoning isn't necessarily needed to get a good taste. If you are in a group, why not try both dishes to compare the taste?


About 8 minute by foot from Hamamatsu Station(浜松駅). Atsumi was established in the Meiji era.
【Recommended Menu/ JPY】
うな丼(Unadon) ¥3,000
うな重(Unaju) ¥3,850
*Served with soup, pickles and fruits.
Asami is one of the place locals and visitors rave about because it has unagi that has it all: a lovely smokey aroma, a nice crispy outside and a soft inside, and an out-of-this-world tare sauce that gives the unagi a profound savory taste. What's more, it comes with an eel liver soup! The tare sauce is really what distinguishes this restaurant. The eel has a darker coating than most places.


Nakaya is a small restaurant of just 8 places. What's nice is that at the counter seats, you can watch the cooking process right in front of you!
【Recommended Menu】
うな重(Unaju) ¥2,600
上うな(Jo-Una) ¥3,500
*Served with soup and pickles.
うな刺し(Unagi Sashimi) ¥1,000
*occasionally provided.
You read that right, you can have unagi sashimi, which is quite rare! The sashimi has to be extra fresh and prepared in a special way because raw unagi can only be kept for a short time. Why not have a Japanese sake drink with your unagi? The restaurant has a good selection.


At a short distance from Hamamatsu City, the restaurant is located near Lake Hamana(浜名湖). The place is known not only by locals but also tourists.
【Recommended Menu/ JPY】
うな丼 上(Unadon-Jo) 3,000
うな重 上(Unaju-Jo) 3,200
*Served with soup and pickles.
You'll be knocked down by this one! On top of having all the desirable features a tasty unagi bowl is supposed to have, the dishes here have eel of uncomparable thickness! You really get the bang for your buck. Many people claim that this charcoal grilled eel is simply the best in Hamamatsu City.


This article introduced some of the best unagi restaurants in Hamamatsu where you can have the popular Japanese unaju dish and many more types of unagi dishes! When you visit the coastal region of Shizuoka, make sure to try unagi! It's a local specialty that has a long tradition and a unique taste and texture. Unagi is especially good in the summer, as it helps you fight against "natsubate", or summer heat fatigue.

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