Updated: April 17, 2018
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The 8 Best Tempura Restaurants in Asakusa!

This post is all about where to eat the best Tempura in Asakusa! Asakusa is a hot spot for the traditional dish with nearly 40 restaurants specializing in it. Here are the top-tier restos you should definitely try!

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If you are looking for tempura lunch at a reasonable price, check Akashi out! Their lunch menu is available around ¥1,000~2,000, and you get to try their exquisite tempura. You can see the chefs frying tempura for you, and you are served with freshly fried tempura. You may have to wait in line for a bit, but it is definitely worth the wait. Try to be there early, and you'll be all set! Light, crispy and delicious tempura is a must-try. Their tendon (tempura topped on bowl of rice) is also worth trying too! Just a few minute walk from Tamachi station.


Their famous menu is Tendon, and Tendon cannot be completed with good tempura. Their tendon is really famous for its huge portion and the amount of tempura topped on rice, and tsuyu (sauce) makes the tempura flavorful and juicy. If you are looking for a place to try tendon or tempura, you should definitely stop by. Just a few minute walk from Asakusa station.


One of the oldest tempura restaurants in Asakusa, this place offers exquisite tempura and tendon! Along with their tempura menu, they are really famous for kakiage - a type of tempura where seafood and vegetables are cut into smaller pieces and mixed together, dipped in batter then fried. You should definitely stop by when you are in Asakusa! Less than a 10 minute walk from Asakusa station.


Masaru is a tempura restaurant that serves good quality tendon. It is a small restaurant, and it is slightly hidden in the street. A lot of people line up to try their tendon, which tells us how good and popular it is. Their Edomae tendon has huge shrimp, anago, megochi and kisu's tempura on top, which is available at ¥3,700. It may sound expensive than other stores, but it's definitely worth a try because it is a top-notch tendon!
Just be careful with open hours and date because they close as soon as they sell out, and when they were not able to prepare good toppings they are going to be closed. Around a 5 minute walk from Asakusa station.

Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu

You'll get the perfect tempura fried ingredients here with a crispy outer crust and a juicy interior. The tare sauce used for dipping is their greatest secret. It's a shitamachi-style dipping sauce, which means the taste is particularly deep and strong. They use rice from Akita Prefecture, which is arguably the best in the country. If you want something special, definitely try the Anago (salt water eel) Tempura Bowl at ¥2,300. This is not very common as a tempura ingredient and theirs are said to be the best! The other more standard tempura bowls range in price from ¥1,400 to ¥2,300 depending mostly on the size. This restaurant is at an 8-minute walk from the Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station.


Nothing's more impressive in a bowl of tempura than huge shrimps deep-fried to a golden-brown color. This is exactly what you'll get at Owariya. Shrimps like these are worth a lot but you can have a meal with two of them on a bed of rice, a Japanese-style soup called suimono, and some pickles for ¥1,600, which is totally reasonable for the quality you get. This restaurant is also famous for its soba noodles so you might want to try the Tempura shrimps with soba noodles set for ¥1,500. Owariya is located at 50 meters from the Asakusa Station (Ginza Line).


Established in 1870, Nakasei has been serving delicious tempura for almost 150 years! Their must-try menu is called Raijin-age, shrimp and scallop kakiage, which is available at ¥3,000. It is usually full and people line up to try their Raijin-age, so be sure to be there early! Around a 7 minute walk from Asakusa station.

Tempura Tento

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Tempura Tento is a small restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere that has been around since 1902, which tells a lot about the quality of the restaurant. The tendon is definitely worth the try at ¥2000. It comprises two jumbo-sized shrimps with some perfectly fried veggies. For ¥800, you can also have a piece of beautifully presented tempura anago (sea eel). The resto is located a 6-minute walk from the Asakusa Station (Ginza Line).


As you can see above, Asakusa has lots of exquisite tempura restaurants. We hope you found your favorite from the list above!
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