Updated: October 09, 2018
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Japan's DOUTOR Coffee: Chill cafe chain with an inexpensive & good menu!

Japan has a lot of coffee shops and cafes. Out of all of them, DOUTOR COFFEE is one of the most famous and popular coffee shops. Some grab a cup of coffee before work, some study or talk with friends at the cafe, and others have breakfast, lunch, or desserts. They offer cheap, quick, and great coffee, food as well!

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Doutor Coffee Shop in Kyoto.
Doutor Coffee is one of the biggest cafe chain with over 1100 shops all over Japan. As they serve great and reasonably-priced coffee and food in a relaxed atmosphere, Doutor is frequented by all types of people, young and old.
You can easily go to Doutor for some take-out or stay there to just relax, study, read a book, or chat with friends.


Doutor's popular blend coffee with some whipped cream.
Doutor's popular iced cafe with caramel.
Their signature menu, the "doutor blend coffee" is only 220 yen (small), 270 yen (medium), and 320 yen (large). They utilize the flame roasting approach for their coffee instead of hot air that is commonly used for roast coffee. It allows to enhance the rich flavor of coffee beans.
One of Doutor's seasonal offerings.
They offer other drink menu at a reasonable price too. For those who are not big fans of coffee, tea is available too from 250 yen. The "Mixed Berry yogurt", 340 yen (small), is also recommended.
The "Milano sand" is a sandwich made of nicely baked bread stuffed with much ingredients. They usually have 4 types of Milano sand like ham, shrimp, and chicken, they are all around 400-500 yen.
DOUTOR's desserts are also worth trying. The "Mille crêpes" is simply amazing. It is a cake made of many crepe layers and with whipped cream between them. It's so soft and light that it melts in your mouth. Also, it's only ¥ 380, so you can get a nice afternoon snack with coffee too for less than ¥ 1,000.
You can get a breakfast set meal only for 390 yen that includes your choice of a sandwich and coffee (or tea) . If you're late for work or to catch the train, you can always get one of their breakfast sets to go. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all!

Doutor: A Good Value For Your Money!

What makes DOUTOR COFFEE popular most is the cheap yet good menu. Just give it a try and you'll surely like it!
I love traveling and eating. My favorites are everything matcha and cheesecakes.

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