Updated: April 17, 2018
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13 Best Ramen Shops In Ogikubo, Tokyo

Ogikubo offers quiet residency areas that many people of culture also choose to live. Its easy accessed by JR Chuosen and Tokyo Metro Marunouchi let the town won the best town to live in a rental residence. The town has other face: it is famous as a hot ramen spot! It is the origin of local ramen – Ogikubo ramen. In this article, we will introduce restaurants - from where you can try authentic Ogikkubo ramen to popular and famous ramen

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The area around Ogikubo station is known as a hot ramen spot. You will even find the ramen called Ogikubo ramen!

Ogikubo ramen is a type of Tokyo style ramen. You may try one at a ramen restaurant nearby JR Chuosen Ogikubo station. They are served with Japanese style soups prepared from fish broth using dried bonito, dried sardines, and such and strong soy sauce – resulted in dark colored soups. You may find a restaurant that mixes meat broth prepared from chicken or pork bones with the fish broth. Most restaurants use middle thickness noodles.

Harukiya Ogikubo Honten

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“Harukiya Ogikubo Honten” is located a few minutes’ walk from Ogikubo station North gate. Opened in 1949, it has a long history of serving Ogikubo ramen. The simple soy sauce base soup has a mild flavor of dried sardines and ginger. The middle-thickness wrinkled noodle cooked al dente goes very well with the soup.

For more information about Harukiya, please see the link below!

Marucho Chuka Sobaten

Walk along the train rail from JR Chuosen Ogikubo station South gate for about 3 minutes, "Marucho Chuka Sobaten” is located nearby Ogikubo 4-chome intersection. Enjoy popular ramen noodle prepared from strong fish broth soup and chewy thick noodle.

Ramen Kubota

Walk into an ally on the right-side direction from the Ogikubo station North gate. Ramen Kubota’s popular menu is their Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen (Pork broth soy sauce ramen). It has a distinct, simple yet deep flavor. Some people feel a nostalgic feeling from the flavor. Its lightness is a good choice as a finish-up meal after drinking.

Futaba Kamiogiten

Walk along Oumekaido from the Ogikubo station North gate and turn into an alloy, you will find “Futaba Kamiogiten”. Their popular item is the dried sardine broth ramen with pork backfat. You can enjoy their unique soup with a richness owing from the pork backfat and homemade flat noodle cut into about a half inch (1 cm).

Hakodate Shio Ramen Goryoukaku

Walk along Oumekaido from the Ogikubo station North gate and turn into to left, you will find Hakodate Shio Ramen Goryoukaku on your left. Enjoy the soup prepared from meat broth and Hokkaido Kelp and Scallops, an authentic Hakodate style!

Temomi Ramen Jyuhachiban

Located 3 minutes from Ogikubo station North gate. Temomi Ramen Jyuhachiban has a long history since its opening in 1966. Their soy sauce base soup is prepared from pork and chicken bones, provides a rich and sharp saltiness. Many people fall in love with its powerful garlic flavor.

Mendokoro Narukami

Located 5 minutes from Ogikubo station North gate. “Mendokoro Narukami” is famous for their chicken noodle. You may choose from two soups: Paitan soup is rich and mild, while shangtang soup is clear and light.

Tabibito no Ki

Walk along Nakadori-Shotengai (the main street) from Ogikubo station South gate and take a left on to the second alloy, you will find Tabibito no Ki. Their straight thin noodle is easy to swallow. Fish broth stock and soy source based soup is lightly salted. The restaurant has many women fans.

Fuji Chuka Soba

Chuka Tokudai

“Chuka Tokudai” is located at Ogikubo station West gate, Suzuran shopping street. Their rich soup is prepared from pork, chicken, and dried sardines, provides a rather strong flavor with a little hint of sweetness.


“Marufuku” is located near Ogikubo station North exist shopping arcade. It is known for an authentic Ogikubo ramen providing ramen with simple soy sauce soup. Served with chewy and thin noodles with nutty flavor enhances the deliciousness of their ramen!


“Matsumaru” serves their ramen with premium roasted pork slices from a butcher. The restaurant had been presented on TV shows so many times in the past. The light soy sauce base soup is prepared from chicken and vegetable broth with a sharp soy sauce and umami spices.

Ogikubo Ramen Kikuchi

“Ogikubo Ramen Kikuchi”, a small charming restaurant is located 3 minutes walk from Ogikubo. Their soy sauce base soup with sweet undertone matches so well with their fine wavy noodle.


Ogikubo station, a popular town among single office workers and students. Delicious and affordable ramen restaurants could be one of the reasons for the popularity. You must check this hot ramen spot Ogikubo station, regardless of where you live now or future!
I really love Ramen and Japan! No Ramen, No life.

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