Updated: November 06, 2018
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Subway Restaurants in Tokyo, How is it Different Here?

Subway is a super famous chain with branches in around 93 countries. Although their menu is a classic, let's see how it's different in Japan!

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Subway is famous for their cold-cut sandwiches and although you probably have tried everything on the menu more than once, you should try their regional Japanese menu! They serve around 20 different kinds of customizable sandwiches that are unique to Japan, as well as side-dishes, salads and desserts. Subway is a sure bet when it comes to a quick bite and it's cheap too.
There is a wildly popular avocado shrimp sandwich you can try at the Japanese restaurants. It's cheap and delicious, so it's a nice twist on a classic!

Regional Menu

This is a collaboration between Subway and "Where's Waldo?".You can buy a spicy tandoori chicken sandwich or an avocado and tandoori chicken sandwich and it comes wrapped in a "Where's Waldo?" drawing. So while enjoying your sandwich you can try finding Waldo! This is only available from July 5th to August 22nd so hurry! It's a great revival of one of your childhood classics!
The tandoori sandwich is delish!
In Japan, you can also get fries as a side dish!
Also, limited to Japan is the cream soda float. Quite refreshing during the scorching hot Japanese summers!!

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