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Osaka Eel Lovers, These are Yours to Discover!

Osaka City

Eel, or unagi as it is known in Japan, is a very popular summer dish. It is said to help your body fight "natsubate" (suffering from the summer heat). Osaka has great unagi that is usually crispier than what you find in the Kanto region. Make sure to try these delicious stores if you live in Osaka or travel here.

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5 min walk from the Sekimetakadono station and 15 min walk from the Sekime station. This store offers unagi made by traditional Kansai techniques (grilled with high-grade charcoal from ubame oak).
The store recommends that you enjoy the unagi with some of its excellent sake. The unagi is dipped and broiled in a soy-based sauce. The particularity of this store is in the sweet fragrance and dark color of the eel. It's broiled slightly longer than what you would find in most stores so the unagi is especially crispy and delicious! There are some private tatami rooms for bigger groups on the second floor which makes this place ideal for a dinner party in a traditional ambiance.


With a 300 year history, Shibato is one of the originators of the Osaka-style unagi. It is located at a 5 min walk from Kitahama station.
With such a long history, needless to say that their unagi is simply one of the best in the city. The reason lies in all the care the people at Shibato take in selecting their eels and the careful preparation of the meal. Rice is also said to be cooked to perfection here which makes for some of the best unagi rice bowls. The ocha zuke (broiled eel on rice with green tea poured on top) set is one of the best! Expect to pay around 3000 yen or more for a meal at this exceptional restaurant.


5 min walk from the Tanimachi yonchome Station, 7 min walk from the Tenmabashi Station. Although in Osaka, this shop makes its unagi Kanto-style.
The eels are from Japan only. The Kanto-style cooking makes the unagi softer than what we often find in the Kansai region. This is one of the rare places in Osaka where you can try this type of ungagi. The small unagi bowl is 1900 yen, the medium is 3300 yen and the large bowl is 4700 yen. This restaurant is recommended by the Michelin Guide so you can be sure you're in for something special!


Located approximately 75 meters from the Sakaisujihonmachi Station.
It's not very common to find good unagi meals at a reasonable price. Izumoya offers just that! So here is your chance to try it out if the price had been scaring you. You can get the unagi on rice or unagi wrap with soup for just 980 yen. Well worth it! It's a popular place with locals and merchants themselves (a sign this place must be good!). Because of its popularity you may feel a little rushed to eat your meal at peak hours so you might want to go there when the business crowd has finished their lunch break.

Unagi no Nedoko

8 min walk from Midosuji line Namba Station. This store originally serves some of its eels on a stick!
Unagi here is fresh from Japan and as such is quite oily, which makes it all the more delicious! Great sashimi is also on the menu. While you are here, you might also want to try some delicious kaisen ryori (fresh seafood dishes, another Japanese specialty). There are 8 counter seats and 12 table seats in this restaurant. Prices are reasonable.


If you are an unagi-lover or if you never dared to try this Japanese specialty, please try out these shops! You likely won't be disappointed.

For more on unagi, please check out the links below!

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