Updated: November 06, 2018
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Cool Off Your Body With The 8 Best Kakigori In Tokyo

Kakigori is the Japanese term for shaved ice but it is one of the hottest desserts in Tokyo. When people say shaved ice, the image is just ice and syrup, but these kakigori are definitely not just that. Take a look at these amazing Kakigori in Tokyo!

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Shimokita Chaen Ooyama (しもきた茶苑大山)

Shimokita Chaen Ooyama is located 2 minutes away from Shimokitazawa station. The first floor is a tea shop and the second floor is a cafe, with only 16 seats. It is SUPER popular and they even have a ticket that tells your number. They are famous for their Matcha Kakigori, and the matcha is made into an espuma, which means foam, and this prevents the ice from melting and makes the matcha flavor more rich and creamy. If you are into matcha, you will definitely love this kakigori.

Yuki Usagi (雪うさぎ)

Yuki-usagi is a 10 minute walk from Sakura Shinmachi station. This store is also always crowded, and you should definitely be prepared to wait in line. They make the fluffiest kakigori, and the ice just gently melts in your mouth. Their most popular flavor is the salted caramel granola, but they have many other creative and tasty kakigori that is definitely worth trying!

Funabashiya Koyomi (船橋屋 こよみ 広尾店 )

Funabashiya is a famous Japanese dessert shop selling wagashi, and it is originated in Fukuoka around 200 years ago. A branch store is located in Hiro, and is a 2 minute walk from Hiro station. During the summer, they serve kakigori. They have Japanese flavors like soybean powder flavor and matcha, but their kakigori that uses fresh fruits such as peach, mango, mikan, and strawberries are also very popular.


Toraya is an old-fashioned Japanese sweets shop, and is located in many parts of Japan, as well as overseas in France and Malaysia. The Ginza shop sells Japanese wagashi on the 1st floor and you can drink tea and enjoy Japanese sweets on the 2nd floor. During the summer time only, you can order Kakigori like Matcha kakigori. The matcha is super rich and deep, and you can really enjoy the Japanese style kakigori at this shop.


ICE MONSTER is a Taiwanese kakigori store, and it is located 1 minute away from Meiji-Jingumae station. There is always a long line in front of the store, but it is a kakigori that is worth lining up for. They have kakigori with Taiwanese mangoes, boba, and other flavors that are perfect for a hot,sunny day!

Japanese Ice OUCA

This store is located 2 minutes away from Ebisu station, and it is a store that specializes in serving ice cream. They have a cafe space where you can enjoy eating ice cream, Japanese mochi (rice cake) and other Japanese desserts. During the summer time, they make adorable and tasty kakigori. The picture above is the milk Shirokuma, and there are red beans inside the kakigori. There are also strawberry Pink Kumachan and Kuromitsu Kurokuma chan, so you can order different colors and flavors with your friends!


COBI COFFEE is a coffee shop located 5 minutes away from Omotesando station. The master serves the best specialty coffee one by one, and there are also Japanese desserts like castella and red bean jelly (yokan) to eat with your coffee. During the summer, he also makes kakigori using syrup made from pure espresso. There are flavors like espresso milk, and the harmony between the sweet and bitter taste is just perfect!


Sebastian is located 10 minutes away from Yoyogi Koen station. They are famous for their dolce kakigori, made by a professional patissier. They serve kakigori that looks like a cake, and the photo above is a creme brulee kakigori. There is strawberry flavored kakigori, meringue, and creme brulee with the caramelized surface. You can eat kakigori at this place that you wil never be able to find elsewhere. A must-try kakigori shop!


Summer in Tokyo is just melting hot with the high temperature and humidity. The kakigori will taste even better when you eat it on a super hot day! Try out some delicious and cool kakigori desserts in Tokyo!

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