Updated: April 28, 2020
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Best Ramen In Tokyo 2020 | Top 22 Joints Rated By Ramen-holics


Tokyo has over 3,000 ramen restaurants. These selected 21 joints constantly rank among the best. Here's the general shop info for each and the rating by our Japanese ramen experts.

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Tokyo Ramen Metropolis

Tokyo is home to over a whopping 3,000 ramen joints. There's a whole ramen culture with all kinds of media publications dedicated entirely to the iconic food. If you want to take the first step into ramen world, you might want to check out this fun ramen foodie tour with a local which can be booked on the very same day.
If you're already an expert and want to raise your game, here a list for you! These ramen joints are extremely popular so you're more than likely will have to wait in line to get in, but your patience will be rewarded with some of the very best ramen Tokyo has to offer. We've included ramen across all genres, so you're bound to find something that you love.

Maybe you want to take away ?

"Menya Musashi" has over 15 restaurants in Tokyo, For now these restaurants offer take-out service.if you want to try some good ramen Shops, But that not all shop offer take-out ramen. check more information below. Many recommend if you want to eat ramen in here, just take back to home enjoy it.

Fuunji 風雲児 @Shinjuku

Fuunji is a ramen shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Whenever you visit, you'll see long lines for this very popular joint.

While it is famous for their thick seafood-based tsukemen (dipping style noodles), trying the simple standard ramen wouldn't be a mistake. Kamatama ramen (like Kamatama Udon, a popular kind of Udon) is also worth a try.
<Recommendation> Tsukemen
<Thickness of flavor> 3.5/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.4/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Hayashi はやし @Shibuya

About 3 minutes walk from Shibuya station the central Tokyo, Hayashi offers some simple but incredibly tasty ramen.
Their broth is made by combining tonkotsu (pork bone), chicken, and seafood dashi soup. The soup is so deep-flavoured and full of umami that most people drink it to the last drop!
<Recommendation> Ajitama Ramen (Ramen with half boiled egg topping)
<Thickness of flavor> 3.3/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.7/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Menyamusashi Bujin 麺屋武蔵 武仁 @Akihabara

Menyamusashi Bujin is a ramen shop in Akihabara, Tokyo. From Akihabara station, take the Showa-dori exit(昭和通り口) for a convenient access.

The chef's masterpiece is the tsukemen (dipping soup noodles). The piece of chashu pork is tremendously huge! The dipping tonkotsu-based soup is thick and flavorful.

You can opt for the large portion of noodles for free! Better go there with an appetite!
<Recommendation> Bujin Tsukemen
<Thickness of flavor> 4.0/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.5/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Sea Bream Ramen at re:Dine Ginza

Tai Ramen
Ginza's fanciest ramen can be found at re:Dine Ginza, one of the most interesting concept restaurants in Tokyo. The ramen is served with sous-vide-cooked chicken and duck chashu, plus a large piece of tender, premium wagyu. Each meat is cooked separately, to a different finishing temperature, giving each its optimal tenderness.
The beautiful golden soup is made with clams, a whole chicken, dried sardines, konbu, and porcini. The finishing touch is duck oil and porcini oil, which gives it its luxurious and deep taste.
The hand-made noodles are thin, yet have a nice bite to them and a lovely wheat flavor. They are the perfect carrier for the light and umami-filled broth.
<Recommendation> Tai Ramen (Sea Bream Ramen)
<Thickness of flavor> 3.5/5.0
<Our Rating> 4.4/5.0
<Price> -1,400 yen

Men-ya Ishin 麺や維新 @Meguro

Menya Ishin is a ramen shop in Meguro, Tokyo, located about 5 minutes by walk from Meguro station.

This ramen joint has the distinction of being part of the Michelin Guide's 2015 Bib Gourmand section for its superb taste at a reasonable price.

The ramen here has a soup that is soy-based with a mix of chicken and dried sardine to give an incomparable delicious umami.

Another characteristic of this ramen is that the put some fresh house-made wonton dumplings in it!
<Recommendation> Wonton-men
<Thickness of flavor> 2.5/5.0
<Our Rating> 4.5/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Mutekiya 無敵家 @Ikebukuro

Mutekiya is a ramen shop located in Ikebukuro. This place nearly always has a line in front of it.

The star of their menu is the “Tonkoku Shoyu Flavored Ramen”. “Tonkoku” (means litterally pork-thick) is the joint’s original super rich soup made primarily from pork bones.

This is a place for people who like strong-flavoured oily ramen. On the surface of your soup, you see the floating pork fat! It has the perfect sweetness and umami that makes it worth waiting in long lines for.
<Recommendation> Hon-maru ramen
<Thickness of flavor> 3.5/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.5/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

AFURI アフリ @Harajuku, Nakameguro, Ebisu, Roppongi

AFURI is a Ramen shop in Harajuku, Tokyo. A popular Ramen shop located 3 minutes’ walk from JR Harajuku Station, where waiting in a line is inevitable. There is also a branch around Ebisu and Nakameguro.

The distinctive feature of their Ramen is the golden soup made with natural water and selected ingredients. In the simple-tasting soup seasoned with citron salt or soy sauce, you can enjoy the super-matching thin noodles.
<Recommendation> Yuzu-shio ramen
<Thickness of flavor> 2.0/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.4/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Saikoro サイコロ @Nakano

Saikoro is a ramen shop in Nakano, Tokyo. Their ramen, with a special soup made from dried sardines and pork bones, homemade chewy thick noodle, is absolutely delicious.

The Niku Nibo Chinese noodle dish has roasted pork slices that cover the entire bowl. A delight for meat lovers!
<Recommendation> Niku Nibo Chuka-soba
<Thickness of flavor> 3.0/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.4/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Miso Flavor Store Matador みそ味専門マタドール @Kita-senju

At "Miso Flavor Store Matador", you can enjoy a rich bowl of miso ramen made from stewed beef bones. You won't find this kind of ramen anywhere else!

The rich miso ramen is made from stewing beef bones in a miso broth. Toppings include a huge slice of roast beef! This is almost unheard of for a ramen bowl (the standard meat being the slices of chashu pork).
<Recommendation> Noko-Miso ramen
<Thickness of flavor> 3.3/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.7/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Menya Ittou 麺屋一燈 @Shin-koiwa

Menya Ittou is located 3 minutes away from Shin-Koiwa station. With their ramen being ranked as one of the best in Japan on several gourmet websites, it is worth lining up for!

People from all over Japan and many foreigner ramen freaks come just to eat this bowl of ramen. You dip the thick and chewy noodles into the rich seafood and chicken soup.
<Recommendation> Noko-tsukemen
<Thickness of flavor> 3.4/5.0
<Our Rating> 4.5/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Japanese Noodles Soba Tsuta 蔦 @Sugamo

Tsuta was the first ramen restaurant awarded a Michelin star. Their specialty dish is the soba with wontons in a soy sauce based broth. The light broth has surprising depth in its flavour, with a nice hint of truffle oil.

Tsuta is so popular and that you need to get food tickets in order to wait in line. If you want to get a food ticket, there is a need to visit the restaurant in the early morning.
<Recommendation> Shoyu soba
<Thickness of flavor> 3.0/5.0
<Our Rating> 4.4/5.0
<Price> Sometimes over 1,000 yen

Nakiryu 鳴龍 @Otsuka

Awarded a Michelin star in 2017, Nakiryu's specialty is the Dan-dan men. Look how a beautiful a bowl of ramen can be! Their thin noodles are home-made and have a perfectly smooth texture.

In order to make your trip to Tokyo an unforgettable thing, Nakiryu's ramen is what you need.
<Recommendation> Dan-dan men
<Thickness of flavor> 3.0/5.0
<Our Rating> 4.5/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen (might go higher if you order some appetizers.)

Shinasoba Yakumo 支那そば 八雲@Ikejiri-hashi

Located a 3-minute walk from Ikejiriohashi station, Yakumo's specialty is the wonton noodles in a soy-sauce flavoured soup ramen. You can select from two flavours: thick black soy sauce, or the light white one (can also ask for a mix of both).

There are two different types of wonton: one with shrimp in it, and the other with meat.
<Recommendation> Wontonmen
<Thickness of flavor> black: 3.0/5.0, white: 2.5/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.9/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Chinese Noodle Shibata 中華そば しば田@Senkawa

Shibata's Chukasoba (Chinese noodle) is getting a reputation for its rich duck-based soup and medium-rare roasted pork slices.

Aside from the duck which is really rare in ramen, the soup also has a combination of two types of soy sauce, some chicken, and seafood. All of these ingredients blend together so well to give it a complex and unique umami.
<Recommendation> Chukasoba
<Thickness of flavor> 2.7/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.6/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Shinka 進化 @Machida

Located a bit far away from Machida station, Shinka's simple Shio (salt) ramen is a pure delight. The clear broth soup is made of a blend of 4 different types of salt and has a smooth but deep taste.

If you go to Machida, you have to try it.
<Recommendation> Shio-ramen
<Thickness of flavor> 1.8/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.9/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Oshima 大島 @Funabori

At Oshima, you can enjoy one of the best Miso ramens in Tokyo. The top of the ramen is covered by heated oil so that you can enjoy them heated until the last sip of the soup.

For the thick heavy food lover, this ramen with garlic in it is completely worth trying.Their flavor is quite addicting!
<Recommendation> Miso ramen
<Thickness of flavor> 3.5/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.4/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Guchoku 愚直 @Naka-itabashi

This cheap (just ¥650!) great-tasting ramen has lots of fans.

The tonkotsu soup contains thin noodles. And once you're finished eating your noodles, don't forget to ask for "kaedama" (additional noodles)!
<Recommendation> Tonkotsu ramen
<Thickness of flavor> 3.0/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.2/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Mugi to Olive むぎとオリーブ@Ginza

One of the most crowded and busy places in Tokyo, Ginza is where Mugi to Olive is located.

Interestingly they use olive oils in the broth to make it, which gives it kind of a Mediterranean cuisine taste. The gentle soy sauce-based chicken broth works wonderfully well with the olive oils too.
<Recommendation> Tori SOBA
<Thickness of flavor> 2.7/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.6/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

Sora no Iro NIPPON ソラノイロ NIPPON @ Tokyo Station

Sora no Iro NIPPON at Tokyo Station is the prime ramen joint for all vegans and people who are on a diet. They serve the Vege-soba, a ramen completely made of vegetables.

The bright orange noodles can be changed to gluten-free noodles for an additional 150 yen.

Don't worry if you plan on going early in the morning because the restaurant is open from 8:30.
<Recommendation> Vege-soba (vegan menu)
<Thickness of flavor> 2.5/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.3/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

MENSHO @Gokokuji

Located a minute walk from the Gokokuji station, MENSHO serves the most modern style of ramen you can imagine. The presentation in the oversized bowl is striking.

The broth is a simple shio-style one made from prime ingredients. Toppings are super original. Indeed you'll find things such as shaved mullet roe and dice-cut scallops with charcoal powder.
<Recommendation> Shio Ramen
<Thickness of flavor> 2.2/5.0
<Our Rating> 3.8/5.0
<Price> -1,000 yen

In Closing

This has been our list of the best ramen in Tokyo. For more of the best restaurants in Tokyo (of all genres), check out this article:

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