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Hayama Beaches: splendid beaches, not too crowded near Tokyo!

Perhaps most foreigners living in Tokyo know about the beach of Enoshima, but there is actually a quieter, perhaps nicer version of it at the nearby Hayama! It's well-worth going if you want to avoid the crowds. Have a look at what Hayama beaches have to offer.

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Hayama Beaches

Hayama is know for its beautiful beaches not too far from Tokyo! To get to them, get to the Zushi Station in Kanagawa and take a bus from the station to the beach you'd like to go to.
One of the nice beaches of Hayama is the Morito beach. The point of interest here isn't so much the sandy beach per-se, but rather the sea and the rocks protruding from it that create a beautiful scenery! There are corals here and the water is shallow up to the gate called "torii" you see in the back of this picture. Many small fish can be seen! It's an ideal place for snorkeling so be sure not to forget your goggles when you go! It takes about 15 minutes by bus to get there from Zushi Station.
Another great spot is the Isshiki beach. You can often see old and young alike fishing from the wave-breaker. Go there and have a chat with them while they wait their catch! the water is shallow and clear so this is also a nice place to snorkel. The Isshiki beach area is also home to one of the imperial family's summer houses. It's quite a nice place, much less crowded than Enoshima. From the Zushi Station, it takes about 20 minutes by bus to get there.

There are other beautiful spots in Hayama. To know where to go, ask for guidance at the Zushi station. Volunteers are often there to assist.

What to eat?

Yushigemaru is just a 7 minute walk from the Morito beach. It serves delicious fresh seafood, grilled fish and tempura.
The thing you have got to eat here is the shirasu (baby sardines) don, which is essentially shirasu on rice. Shirasu is a regional specialty. You have a choice of having the fish as raw sashimi or boiled. Their shirasu don are 1400 to 1500 yen. Among other great choices, you can also order a dish of fresh sea food on rice (2000 yen), a succulent piece of grilled tuna (1580 yen) and a generous amount of tempura on rice (2000 yen).


This is another restaurant near the Morito beach. It serves fresh sashimi in a traditional Japanese ambiance. Even the entrance smells like tatami mats.
What better than to eat fresh sashimi when you go to the beach! Najima serves beautiful sets. For the quality, the prices are reasonable! Expect to pay between 2000-3000 yen for lunch. Grilled and boiled fish are also on the menu, all served and presented with care. Course menus for dinner are also available ranging from 5000 to 8000 yen.

Engawa Cafe and Space

Engawa is near the Isshiki beach. It is in an amazingly beautiful old Japanese-style house, has a relaxed atmosphere and meticulously prepared dishes.
This place has healthy and delicious Japanese set meals. Above is the so delicious steamed vegetables set (1600 yen), served with a seasonal soup, rice and pork, along with various tasty sauces. As main dishes for the sets, you may also order the omelette and rice (1500 yen), the salmon and salmon roe (1800 yen), and the sliced beef (1400 yen) that all come with the same accompaniments. A must go place if you are at Isshiki beach!


Hope you will enjoy your day at the beach in Hayama! Make sure to check out the local restaurants and try their fresh seafood and local specialties. Beach and good foods, it doesn't get any better than that!

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