Updated: September 04, 2019
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The Top 6 All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo


Sushi lovers often struggle with the cost...fresh and delicious sushi is usually so expensive! However, Japan has some great options for eating a full sushi meal on a budget. Anywhere else in the world, all-you-can-eat sushi should immediately throw up red flags, but in Tokyo, there are actually some delicious (and safe) all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants hidden around the city. Enjoy!

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[Kagurazaka] 神楽坂すしアカデミー Kagurazaka Sushi Academy

This restaurant is a part of the Tokyo Sushi Academy, and the young chefs working here are actually students learning the art of sushi. As their skills aren't yet fully polished, the price of the sushi is very reasonable, despite the good quality of the ingredients used. The prices are as follows:

Weekday Lunch
Time Limit:90 Minutes 
Fee:Men ¥3,480 Women ¥2,980

Dinner and Weekend Lunch
Time Limit:120 Minutes 
Fee:Men ¥3,780 Women ¥3,380

[Tsukiji] ぎんざまぐろや Ginza Maguro Ya

Ginza Maguro Ya is located in Tsukiji, where the famous fish market used to be. This place has fantastically fresh sushi that is offered at a reasonable price during the weekdays (¥3,000 for 12 nigiri and a temaki). However, on Saturdays and national holidays, the shop offers a famous 90-minute all-you-can-eat sushi course for ¥3,500. If you're the type who can eat a lot of sushi (more than about 14 pieces) this is an awesome deal, because the quality of the sushi is quite good here. If you're looking for sushi on a Saturday, check out the all-you-can-eat sushi at Ginza Maguro Ya!

[Jiyugaoka] すし処 新田中 Sushi-dokoro Shintanaka

If you're searching for all-you-can-eat sushi, but still want a nice counter-style sushi meal where each piece is prepared by the chef and placed in front of you as you order, look no further than 'Shintanaka' in Jiyugaoka. In addition to other courses, Shintanaka offers a 70-minute all-you-can-eat course for ¥4,000!

The sushi is outstanding and the price for the course is a steal, even if you eat just a normal amount. If you're brave, try the shrimp nigiri that is so fresh that the tail is still twitching!

[Umegaoka] 美登利総本店 Midori Sohonten

Midori Sohonten is a delicious sushi restaurant near Umegaoka Station. Here, on Mondays only, a special 90-minute all-you-can-eat sushi course is offered that will blow you away!
The skillful chef not only makes fantastic sushi but also delectable side dishes featuring tuna steak, Uni, Taraba Crab, Awabi, and more! The quality is undeniably great, but the price is a steal. Men pay ¥3,888 and women pay ¥3,240 for the 90-minute course.

[Ginza] 築地玉寿司 Tsukiji Tamasushi

If you want to eat sushi to your heart's content without thinking about a time limit, this is the place for you! At Tsukiji Tamasushi in Ginza, a no-time-limit buffet is offered!! Help yourself to as much uni, fatty tuna, Awabi, ikura, etc. as you want! The selection is great (80+ types of sushi/ sides), as is the taste.
The prices are as follows:

◆Party of 2 women: ¥7,960/ 2 persons
◆Party of one man and one women: ¥8,960/ 2 persons
◆Party of 2 men: ¥9,960/ 2 persons
◆Additional people: ¥4,980/man, ¥3,980/woman

The restaurant is just a 2-minute walk from Ginza Station, on the B2 level of Ginza Coa(銀座コア).

[Ikebukuro] 雛鮨 Hinazushi

Hinazushi is located on the 7th floor of a building just one minute away from Ikebukuro Station. The all-you-can-eat sushi course here lets you choose from 60+ kinds of sushi, including seasonal specials that changed based on what is fresh. The course lasts for 120 minutes and is ¥4,309. If you want to add all-you-can-drink alcohol to the course, you can do so for just an additional ¥1,000!
This place is great for a celebration or just to eat a lot of fresh, delicious sushi. There are also branches in Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Roppongi that also offer the same all-you-can-eat courses, so check one out!

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