Updated: November 06, 2018
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Where to Find the Most Refreshing Iced Coffee in Tokyo

As the weather is increasingly getting hotter, it seems like you cannot cool down no matter what you do. But with a glass of cold iced coffee in hand, walking around the city is a lot more enjoyable. Here is a list of the best iced coffee shops in Tokyo.

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Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is originally from Oakland California, but is now an international hit!
They have locations in America, and now 6 in Tokyo alone!
Blue Bottle tends to be quite crowded, especially on the weekends, but it is no wonder as their coffee is made for coffee lovers! You can choose the origin of the coffee and how it is made. Their iced coffee is not only refreshing, but it's really tasty!!

Streamer Coffee Company

This place is a go-to for coffee lovers, as it was started by latte artist Hiroshi Sawada and is renown for its delicious coffee.
Streamer coffee has a few branches around Tokyo; in Shibuya, Harajuku, Gohongo, Kayabacho, Nakameguro, Nihonshimbashi, Setagaya and Akihabara, etc. ...so there's bound to one close to you!
The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming and the coffee is great.
This place is all about the coffee! They really have a good cup of Joe, and their iced coffee is great. If you're looking for something a little more sweet, you can go for the "Hawaiian salted caramel"...they had me at "caramel"!

Saturdays Surf NYC

This shop has branches all over the world and doubles as a coffee shop. They also have a small terrace to sit out on when the weather is nice.
Saturdays Surf NYC is very hip shop in Daikanyama and is also worth going for their coffee and pastries. The architecture of the building is interesting and they have an outdoor space to sit in to enjoy their great iced coffee.

Sarutahiko Coffee

The Ebisu flagship store opened five years ago, but now there are five stores in Shibuya alone. This cafe is always busy, especially on the weekends. The flagship store only has a few seats inside, but there are also a few seats outside. The service is always friendly and welcoming and the coffee is great. Although Tokyo is a huge city, it is surprisingly hard to find a good brew, hence this coffee's popularity! They also have great sweets. You should try the croissant set!
This Japanese coffee shop is very renown and serves ice coffee in a variety of ways, you can either have drip coffee, iced cafe lattes, coffee frappes, etc. They have sweet flavors as well, such as honey latte and caramel.

Paddlers Coffee

This tiny cafe is tucked away in a calm neighborhood of Shibuya, close to Hatagaya station. The interior is wooden and welcoming. They source their beans exclusively from Stumptown Coffee Roasters.
This small shop quickly became a local favorite because of their tasty beans and tasty coffee. You should stop by to try their delicious iced coffee when taking a stroll in the cute neighborhood.

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