Updated: April 08, 2019
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5 Best Ginza Ramen: Connoisseurs Must-Go Joints

Ginza is known for its chic boutiques and expensive restaurants. However, there are some ramen joints that are amazingly good, original, and not at Ginza-esque prices! You should definitely try these 5 selected restaurants!

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Ramen In Ginza

Ginza is an underrated ramen spot. Frankly speaking, the posh district doesn't fit the image of where you would find some greasy (and addictively delicious) ramen joints. In reality, there are plenty of excellent ramen places that are worth the go, either because they are very original or just because they serve some solid-quality ramen with that deep umami taste worth making long queues for. Here is our selection of the 5 best places to go in Ginza for ramen!

Mentokoro Ginzasa 

Located south of Ginza, between Simbashi and Tsukichi stations, this shop is a bit further from central Ginza than the other restaurants listed. However, it will be worth the walk to try this outstanding ramen. Ginzasa is known for its sea bream-based soup, which gives an incredible umami to the broth. If you are used to pork or chicken based ramens, try this place out for a new experience.
Both the salt and white soy sauce ramens are pleasantly salty and worth trying. If you have extra room, get a bowl of tai meshi(rice infused with the sea bream soup), for a sensual experience.

Kazami: ramen with a unique refined twist

Kazami is a newer shop that is not as known yet as Kagari, but you can bet it might get up there in popularity because this shop has amazing ramen with its own distinctive taste.
What they add to their broth is called the "sake kasu", which is the paste-like sediment left after sake is produced. Added to the broth, this ingredient adds an interesting deepness to the ramen that is slightly bitter but not overpowering. Try the Sake Kasu Nohkou Soba dish to find out how amazing the taste is! The interior here is Ginza-like traditional and sleek.

Mugi to Olive: yet another creative Ginza ramen shop

This is another famous local restaurant that has made its name from a dish with a surprising combination of ingredients.
The outstanding ramen dish here is the Hamaguri Clam Ramen. If you've never heard of clam ramen, you are not alone! This is quite original and most Japanese are surprised by this addition. To go with the clam, the chef has selected a niboshi (dried sardine) and chicken stock which creates a perfect synergy in taste to complement the clams. The tasty clams come from Japan's Kawana region, and even the eggs, with their dark yolk and creamy taste, taste better than the ones found in a usual ramen bowl. Finally, the noodles are from a famous Kyoto maker so everything tastes perfect. This store is a must-try! Prices are around ¥1000. Located at just a 5-minute walk from the Higashi Ginza Station or the Ginza Station.

ABC Ramen: Ginza's long-standing spicy ramen shop

ABC ramen is one of Ginza's flagship ramen shops. It was established in 1977 and has stayed really popular ever since. Just a 3 minute walk from the Ginza Station. The interior is more typically ramen shop-like, not as fancy as the previous three introduced.
ABC's particularity lies in its broth that is miso-based, and its spiciness that comes from a chili paste. They also add a generous amount of white and black sesame to their soups, which works well with the broth with the miso broth. The on-location, handmade noodles are excellent too! English menus are available.

Jangara Ramen: Kyushu ramen in Ginza

Jangara, unlike the previous four mentioned, isn't an original Ginza shop, but a famous ramen franchise from the southern island of Kyushu. Kyushu has a beloved ramen style, and this restaurant's ramen is particularly great so it is worth mentioning here.
The particularity of the Kyushu ramen is that the noodles are thin and firm, the ramen is made from tonkotsu, or pork bones, and is thick. The soup is white and has a rich flavor that is sure to comfort you and satisfy your ramen craving. The chashu (pork) meat slices is tender and tasty. An overall great Kyushu ramen you can't go wrong with! A few other restaurants are located in Tokyo.


Ginza has some of Tokyo's most amazing ramen! Don't be scared by the area's expensive image, these ramen shops are simply top-tiered and affordable.

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