Updated: November 06, 2018
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Try The Tasty Local Ramen "Nagasaki Champon" at Ringer Hut!

For ramen lovers, there is a local ramen type called Nagasaki champon you need to try. It is originally from Nagasaki city, located in the southern part of Japan. The ramen is incredibly delicious, you can enjoy the rich and flavorful soup, thick noodles, and a variety of toppings. Ringer hut, the biggest chain ramen shop, offers cheap yet great-tasting Nagasaki champon throughout the country.

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What is Nagasaki Champon

What is unique about Nagasaki champon is the creamy white soup, thick noodles, and toppings. The soup is usually made from the pork and chicken stock that is added to a variety of stir-fried ingredients for toppings, which makes the soup very rich and flavorful. Some kinds of vegetables like cabbage and bean sprout, pork, and seafood like shrimp are used for the toppings.

Ringer hut

Ringer Hut (リンガーハット) is a popular chain ramen shop specializing in Nagasaki champon. There are over 600 locations all over Japan. They are usually located near stations, in malls, and in food courts. It is said that Ringer hut is the restaurant chain who made Nagasaki champon famous in the country. If you find this yellow sigh board, you are at the right place!


All the menu items at Ringer Hut are made from vegetables grown domestically and noodles from flour that is also from Japan. It's nice to know that despite being a large chain, Ringer Hut doesn't compromise with the quality of its ingredients by using cheaper imported ingredients from overseas.

Standard Champon

The regular Nagasaki champon has pork, shrimp, and 255g of vegetables. This makes it arguably healthier than other ramen dishes that have only a small amount of vegetable. The soup is amazingly creamy and flavorful which goes well with the noodles and toppings. Around 550 yen (varies by locations).

Yasai Tappuri (Loads Of Veggies!)

If you want a real dose of vegetable vitamins and minerals, try the "Yasai Tappuri" champon which contains a whopping half a kilo of veggies. Also, note that they have a champon with a reduced salt content. It's good to know that this ramen fast food store is making efforts to offer healthy alternatives.

Miso Champon

You can also have a rare kind of champon which has a blend of four types of miso. Miso is often found in common Japanese ramen, but not in champon.

Kaisomen Champon

A champon made with seaweed noodles and a soy milk-based soup. The result is a super low-calorie (314 kcal) dish packed with nutrients. They call it their "healthy champon".
They have other champon menu like spicy soup, miso flavored soup, and low-sodium champon for healthy eaters.

Kikurage (mushroom) Champon

A bowl of champon with plenty of kikurage mushrooms (cloud ear mushroom). The mushrooms are produced in Japan as well.

Oyster Champon

Another original creation made with a generous amount of Hiroshima oysters and a miso-based soup.


They have side menu items such as gyoza and fried rice that are also worth trying!

Go find Ringer hut and try the incredible local ramen

Ringer hut offers a variety of reasonably-priced Nagasaki champon. Give it a try and you won't regret.
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