Updated: November 06, 2018
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Kichijoji's Yakitori: 5 surprisingly good restaurants in one of Tokyo's most popular neighborhoods


Firstly, if you haven't been to Kichijoji, you should go as soon as possible! The place has everything: a huge park with a pond, bustling shopping streets and even and an old-style yoko-cho, or back alley street area, with lots of interesting Japanese taverns and restaurants. Kichijoji has its fare share of excellent yakitori restaurants. Yakitori generally refers to grilled chicken on skewers. Here are five places you should try while visiting Kichijoji town.

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Iseya: the most famous yakitori restaurant in Kichijoji

If you are looking for delicious yakitori at a reasonable price in Kichijoji this is definitely the place to go! No matter when you go the place will surely be crowded as it is extremely popular with locals and outsiders alike. Located at a 5 minute walk from the Kichijoji Station, at the entrance of the beautiful Ingogashira Park.
There are some counter seats as well as a couple of western and Japanese-style tables on two floors. The place is smokey, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing as it may add the yakitori restaurant atmosphere! As for the yakitori, there is a wide choice at a low cost (one skewer starting from only 80 yen). You can also have fried chicken, sashimi and nimono (Japanese stews). Cheap prices and good food and its proximity to the park is what makes this place so popular. It's been operating since the 1960s.


Momokichi is an izakaya-style restaurant that serves excellent grilled meats, specializing in chicken which includes yakitori. Located at a 5 minute walk from the Kichijoji station.
It has a chic and fashionable ambiance. This place is not so big. Approximately 30 people may be seated and you can drink while standing in the counter area. The dishes vary in prices from 500 to 1000 yen and the portions are quite large for the size. The famous dish here is the grilled chicken thigh (pictured above) that can be purchased for 660 yen. A must try!


Tecchan is a non smoking yakitori! A rarity for any izakaya-style restaurant in Japan. It also has a strangely interesting second floor in which the walls and chairs are artfully covered with computer wires. It is located just at 68 meters from the northern exit of Kichijoji Station.
They use only Japanese chicken delivered on the same day. Tecchan serves a variety of yakitori for 110 yen each (leek and young chicken, liver, chicken wings) or slightly more expensive items for 330 yen for two skewers (porc and cheese, teriyaki mayonnaise, young chicken and wasabi). The owner here likes to play guitar and sing. He does live performances on every 4th Monday of the month from 16:00 to 21:00. From September of 2017, they plan of making open mic evenings.

Yakitori Tamaya

Yakitori Tayama has a great terrace! Ideal to go there in the spring, fall or on a hot summer evening while the weather is just perfect outside. It is located at a 5 minute walk from the Kichijoji Station.
Here you can have a taste of creative cuisine. The prices are slightly higher than average (single skewers start at 180 yen). The standards are here (chicken heart, gizzard, skin and shoulders) and you can have more elaborate ones such as the smoked chicken tail or the grilled miso-marinated chicken thigh for 300 to 350 yen. The interior has antique furniture which creates a warm atmosphere.


Shimonya is a popular chain store that you can find in many places in Tokyo. Kichijoji is lucky to have its own! Located at a 2 minute walk from the station.
Shimonya has excellent quality for the price, which makes it a well-rated restaurant according to many sources. It's an affordable izakaya serving a variety of yakitori along with other dishes. People come here with their friends or colleagues to have a good time in a relaxed atmosphere.


If you come to Kichijoji, whether to visit the Inogashira Park or the Ghibli Museum, why not stop at one of these selected yakiniku restaurants? You shouldn't be disappointed!

If yakitori just isn't your thing, there are other great stores in this popular area. Check out the link below for more options.

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