Updated: June 19, 2019
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Only in Japan! Amazing Japanese Restaurants With A Train Serving System


Here are three restaurants where you can order your food and have it delivered to your table via train, from super-modern sushi trains designed for practical efficiency, to novelty steam-engine delivered meals designed for novelty. Check them out!

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Sushi Train: Uobei

Uobei is a sushi chain restaurant, known for its efficient train-delivery systems. Customers can order their sushi using the touch screen in front of them, and their order will rocket out like a bullet train as soon as it's ready.

The prices for one sushi plate start at about ¥100, which is pretty standard for this type of sushi place. The train delivery system is becoming more and more common at conveyor-belt sushi places, and this is likely to become the standard for sushi chains in the future.

Curry Train: Niagra

Niagra is a curry restaurant with a train theme. The owner's love for trains and curry led him to make a restaurant that incorporates both passions.

The curry here is cooked with an old-fashioned Japanese style, using pork fillet meat and soft potatoes. They have non-spicy curry for young children and also SUPER SPICY curry (50x spicier than usual) for spicy food lovers! Whatever you order is delivered on a miniature train set.

Shabu Shabu Train: Irori No Sato

Irori No Sato is a Japanese shabu shabu and sukiyaki restaurant located in the Musashino area, in the west part of Tokyo. The restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful, green forest and Japanese garden where guests can enjoy the four seasons while eating delicious kaiseki meals.

The meat used for shabu shabu and sukiyaki is Japanese wagyu beef, which comes with fresh seasonal dishes as part of a course. The food arrives at your table via a steam locomotive, and the train driver will bring the dish for you! This restaurant is definitely one of the coolest train restaurants in the world!

In Closing

I hope you get a chance to visit one of the restaurants on this list! Each is unique in its own way and worth checking out. Happy eating. Choo Choo!

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