Updated: August 02, 2019
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A List of Must-try Restaurants in and around Kagurazaka, Tokyo

Kagurazaka has a unique atmosphere - it makes you feel like you are in Kyoto, but also in Paris. Just walking around the area and enjoying the refined ambiance is fun too, but don't you want to try restaurants in Kagurazaka too? Check out the following places!

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For exquisite yakiniku (Japanese BBQ), 'Tobiushi' is a fantastic option. It specializes in A5 wagyu (the highest wagyu rank). Here, guests are seated in private dining rooms equipped with tabletop grills to cook the premium beef. If you've never experienced top-grade wagyu before, this is the place to go. The 'Omotenashi Course' pictured above is ¥10,000. It comes with 12 items, including the restaurant's most popular wagyu selections.


Ishikawa is a refined, elegant and classy Japanese restaurant that offer dishes that use seasonal ingredients. Just a heads up that making reservation is a must. For your a little luxurious dinner, this is a perfect place to stop by. Around a 4 minute walk from Ushigome Kagurazaka station.
The link below will take you to Ishikawa's official website. For English, click where it says "English" at the bottom and the website will be translated.

Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo, aka "garlic restaurant", is specialized in serving garlic cuisine! Garlic is rich in nutrients and popular among healthy eaters. Its atmosphere is very cozy and relaxing, but since they do not have a lot of seats, making reservation beforehand is recommended. Enjoy their tasty garlic dishes with a glass of wine! Just a few minute walk from Iidabashi station.

Omoinoki (former Indian Restaurant CaliCari)

If you are feeling like Indian Curry, this is where you should go! This place has a very calming atmosphere, and they serve high quality curry. They serve Southern Indian curry, and this restaurant is run by a former chef at 5 star hotel! You will definitely be satisfied with their food, service and atmosphere. Around a 3 minute walk from Ushigome Kagurazaka station.


If you are looking for an authentic Japanese restaurant experience, you should definitely try this 3-star Michelin restaurant! It could be a bit pricey, but definitely worth a try. You can enjoy their traditional yet original and artsy Japanese cuisines here. Their exquisite dishes use selected seasonal ingredients, and the chef knows how to bring out these ingredients' taste. Why not try Kohaku for your classy dinner in Kagurazaka? Just a 3 minute walk from Iidabashi station.


If you are looking for more casual Japanese restaurant experience, Oishinbo is where you should go. You get to enjoy seasonal dishes with seasonal alcohol! It has a hidden old house like atmosphere with nostalgic feels, which is really comfortable and relaxing. Their lunch is available around ¥1,000~2,000 and dinner for around ¥4,000~6,000. Around a 10 minute walk from Iidabashi station.


Kagurazaka has so many restaurants with amazing food, so we hope you find your favorite from the places mentioned above. If you are looking for more specific restaurants information in Kagurazaka, check the link below for more information on French restaurants!
Kagurazaka is also having a huge summer festival from July 26th to 29th, so if you are interested check the link below too!

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