Updated: November 06, 2018
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Tokyo's Iconic Melon Pan Stores And How To Make The Buns At Home!


Have you ever tried melon pan? It is a bread you can only find in Japan! There are many melon pan stands located in Tokyo, so this article will introduce some of the best melon pan stands for you! Also, we've added a recipe so that you can attempt to make it at home if you aren't in Japan.

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What Is Melon Pan?

Melon Pan is a type of sweet bun that resembles a melon and is originated in Japan. This bread is soft on the inside, but the thin outer layer is crispy. Although it is called melon bread, it does not usually taste like melon, and there are various flavors such as chocolate chip, matcha, strawberry, etc. There are some melon pan stands that serve freshly baked melon pan, and some stores recently put in ice cream or whipped cream fillings.

Below you will find some of the best places in Tokyo to have melon pans!

If you aren't in Japan and would like to have the melon pan, we have also included a Japanese authentic recipe in the last section for you to try to make it at home! It's not that difficult to make!

Kagetsudo (Asakusa)

Kagetsudo is located 15 minutes away from Asakusa station. They also have another melon pan stand close by Kaminarimon gate as well, but the main store is located near the Sensoji temple. This store was established in 1945 and have been making homemade melon pan ever since, and an average of over 800 people buy melon pan at this store everyday. The melon pan is made by baking the bread in a low temperature for over 3 hours to create a soft and crispy texture. As this store is very popular among both tourists and locals, they are usually sold out by 16:00 so I would advise you to go as early as possible.

World's Second Best Freshly Baked Melon-Pan Ice Cream (Shibuya)

This store is located 8 minutes away from Shibuya station, and is close to Yoyogi park. It is a store that serves melon pan ice cream, which is made by putting in a chunk of ice cream inside the freshly baked melon pan. You can choose from vanilla, chocolate, or matcha ice cream, and you can enjoy the warm melon pan with the cold ice cream. It is recommended to drink up the melted ice cream with a straw after you finish eating the melon pan. If you do not want ice cream in your melon bread, you can order melon bread by itself as well!

Kyuei (Tsukishima)

Kyuei is located 3 minutes away from Tsukishima station. Tsukishima is famous for their monjyayaki restaurants, but this melon pan stand is also very popular and is a good dessert place after eating monjyayaki. You can have freshly baked melon pan with a crispy outer layer and soft inside. The size of the melon pan is pretty big, but it is only ¥180 and it is just too good that you will finish eating the whole thing in no time!

Melon Pan Factory (Oimachi)

Melon Pan Factory is located 1 minute away from Oimachi station, and they sell freshly baked melon bread with different flavors. I would recommend trying the original plain flavor first, but the matcha, chocolate chip, strawberry and other flavors are also worth trying too!

Kimuraya (Ginza)

Located just a minute walk from the A9 Exit of the Marunouchi Ginza Station, Kimuraya is an overall bakery of excellent quality that sells, among many other things, outstanding melon pan. This one actually has some real melon purée mixed in with the cream inside. Kimuraya is most famous for its anko bread, but its melon pan has been catching up in popularity as of late!

Easy Recipe For Melon Pan!

To make melon pans you need to make balls of sweet dough for the inside and flat, cookie-like dough for the outer crust. You wrap the balls with the flat dough then bake.

For the balls, you will need the following ingredients:

hard flour (bread flour): 300g
sugar: 30g
salt: 6g
unsalted butter or shortening: 40g
dry yeast: 6g
eggs: 1 large
water: 140g

Mix all the ingredients together and wait for an hour for the yeast to have its effect.

For the cover part:

butter: 40g
sugar: 75g
egg: 1
weak flour: 130g
vanilla extract: two drops of vanilla extract

mix everything in a food processor. Once they are mixed, roll all the dough into a cylindrical shape and let in rest in the freezer for half an hour. Then, cut the pieces into 30g of dough and squash them flat inside a plastic wrap.
Next wrap the balls of dough you first made with the flat discs of the other dough. Sprinkle with granulated sugar and make a grid of lines on it if you want. It helps if you use a plastic wrap to squeeze the disc part on top of the ball part.
Bake for about 15 minutes and you're done! You should have a melon pan that is harder and sweeter on the outside, with a vanilla cookie texture and taste. And the middle part should be soft a less sweet, like the inside of a loaf of bread.


If you have never tried melon pan, go to these melon pan stands for the best melon bread! It is a must try food when visiting Tokyo!

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