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Ramen in Hiroshima: 5 blissfully delicious ramen shops!

Hiroshima City

Ramen is a popular dish all over Japan, and Hiroshima has its fair share of tasty ramen shops! Here are 5 locations you must try when travelling to the wonderful Hiroshima!

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Yohki, one of the city's most praised ramen shop is virtually hidden in a residential area. It's been serving great ramen since 1957. From the Eba Station, it takes about 10 minutes to get to it.
Yohki found the perfect balance in its pork and soy sauce broth. It is simply delicious, not too oily or light. There's a little thickness to the soup and the noodles are straight and thin, the pork slices are so tender and tasty. Here, order the Chuka Soba (600 yen) and you won't go wrong. It is topped with leeks and crispy moyashi (bean sprouts). Quite basic, yet so delicious.

Ramen Yoichi

For a strikingly original ramen, come to this address! Located 5 minutes away from the Yogawa Station.
At Ramen Yoichi, you should try the exquisite lemon, black pepper and sansho (Japanese pepper) Lemon Ramen (700 yen)! This is probably one of the only place that has this combination of ingredients that blend together so well and make something extremely delicious and fresh-tasting. The broth feels creamier than your average ramen, but is not too heavy. They have other good options here, of course, but just mention "lemon ramen" and people of Hiroshima will guide you to Yoichi. Their lemon ramen is that popular.

Chuka Soba Kunimatsu

This restaurant has an amazing spicy ramen dish! Located at a 3 minute walk from the Tachimachi Station.
The famous dish is called Shiru Nashi Tan Tan Men, which consists of ramen noodles with a sesame-based Szechuan-style sauce that is very, very spicy! You only get a small amount of soup that isn't really meant to drink as is- it's just too spicy. You can choose a level of spiciness from 0 to 4, with a top level called MAX. They also serve beer, a great accompaniment to the hot dish!

Ramen Fujimoto

Ramen Fujimoto is a great place to get a taste of Hiroshima, as it puts forward the famous seafood flavours of the region in its dishes. It is a small, non-smoking shop located at a 4-minute walk from the Akinagatsuka Station.
This shops particularity is that it has numerous of soup bases to chose from. Hiroshima is famous for its seafood, so here they mix various fish broth with the often-used pork stock. Choices of soups include : meckerel, scallop, shrimp, tuna and more. Prices range from 750 to 900 yen, and you can add toppings at extra cost. A great typical Hiroshima ramen.

Eight Men Kamikacho Honten

This shop is located at a 3-minute walk from the Tatemachi Station. It is a smoking establishment.
This ramen shop is said to be popular with the ladies. It has a more stylish interior than most shops, and has 8 counter seats and 10 table seats. The item that stands out here is the delicious mackerel soup-based ramen that is rich and thick. Although it is fish-based, the soup doesn't have an overpowering smell. The bean sprouts, pork slices and leek go wonderfully well with the rich soup. There is also a soy sauce base soup for a lighter option.


If you are a ramen junky, Hiroshima is a great place to go to! Its famous ramen shops surely won't disappoint. Haven't left Tokyo yet? Then you have a whole world of ramen wonders to discover in the nation's capital. Check out the links below for great ramen in Tokyo.

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