Updated: November 06, 2018
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Here Are the Best Gelaterias in Tokyo!

During the hot Tokyo summers, there are only so many ways to cool down! Why not try Tokyo's best gelatarias in order to fully enjoy the summer!

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This gelateria is in Shibuya, close by the station, in a basement. Some might say that it is the best gelato ice cream, and they offer really original and delicious flavors, such as double berry chocolate,lemon tart (pictured above), figs and irish coffee, etc. Why not give one of these flavors a try, while walking around lively Shibuya.

Gelateria Marghera

Gelateria Marghera has three branches in Tokyo; in Azabu, in Ebisu and in Namba-Parks. The store in Azabu is a 7 minute walk from the station. They have 15 delicious flavors to choose from, such as yogurt, mango, coffee, caramel, etc. If you're also a sucker for caramel, you won't be disappointed!!

Gelateria Acquolina

Gelateria Acquolina is right by Yutenji station in Meguro ward, or 15 minutes by foot from Naka-Meguro station. This restaurant also has loads of interesting flavors to milk, how about fresh milk, olive oil, earl grey tea or caramel & rosemary? When I tried the latter, I didn't know what to expect, but it was delish!

Gelateria Sincerita

Gelateria Sincerita is in Asagaya, about a 10 minute walk from the station. Asagaya isn't a central area, but it is surprisingly filled with great restos, bars, cafes, wine bars, etc. In fact, there is a good Italian resto close by; you can stop by there and then have dessert at Sincerita. They have standard flavors, along with monthly flavors. The Hojicha (roasted green tea) one was light and had just the right level of bitterness to complement the sweetness of the ice cream.

Gelateria la Napoli

Gelateria la Napoli is located in fancy Hiroo, a few minutes by the station. They offer seasonal flavors as well, such as chestnut in the autumn. A few popular flavors are strawberry millefeuille and tiramisu, they also have green tea! Yum!


Below is a link to some must-try Japanese desserts!

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