Updated: September 25, 2019
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Succulent Tonkatsu in Osaka: 7 of the best restaurants in the city!

Osaka City

Tonkatsu is a very popular dish in Japan that isn't so well-known outside of the country. It consists of breaded deep-fried pork cutlets cut into slices! Most people who aren't familiar with it tend to love this dish! A definite must-try!

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This is the famous sign! People rave about Tonkatsu Manger, which is possibly the best tonkatsu shop in Osaka. It is located at a 4 minute walk from the Yao Station.
If you are planning to come here, be prepared to wait for a while as there are often long queues. Their tonkatsu is fried to perfection which makes it so delicious and juicy, you will know why people are willing to wait in long queues to eat Manger's famous tonkatsu! They use Iberian pork. There are a wide variety of set meals to choose from ranging in price from 1000 to 4000 yen.


Epais is another great tonkatsu restaurant. It has appeared in the Michelin Guide, so you can be sure this is a fine place. It is located at an approximate 5 minute walk from the Kitashin Shinchi Station, on the third floor of the New Hana bldg.
You can get here this amazing dish for just 1000 yen! Other more pricey sets are available for 1800 yen such as the sirloin cutlets. Just great-tasting, refined and affordable. You even get at small ice cream serving as a dessert if you order a set meal. Perfect way to end the meal on a hot summer day.It might be a good idea to take a reservation before you go there as the place is often full.

Tonkatsu Hiroki

A bit secluded, Tonkatsu Hiroki is located at a 10 minute walk from the Tokuan Station. There are 5 counter seats and two tables. It's a smoking establishment.
You well get a a good volume here for a relatively cheap price (lunch specials are all under 1100 yen, except for the shrimp set that is a bit more pricey at 1600 yen). According to various reviews, everything here is very delicious! Try the roast tonkatsu for 800 yen and you won't go wrong!


Another amazing tonkatsu restaurant right here in Osaka, located at a short distance away from Higashi Umeda. Only counter seats at this place.
This shop serves delicious cutlets cooked at low heat that are so juicy inside! Their secret is that they put squid ink in the bread crumbs preparation -that's why the outer part is darker than most tonkatsu. The ink tenderizes the inner meat and makes their cutlets just so delicious! They have a wide variety of choices from filet, to roast to fatty cuts. You can also have croquettes (deep fried mashed potatoes) and a home made pancetta.


Tontei is located at a short distance walk from the Teradacho Station. Only counter seats at this location.
The tonkatsu and the red miso soups made from pork broth are said to be superb! If you are really hungry and would like to try something good and filling, try the roast mix set meal for 1450 yen. You will receive the regular tonkatsu plus 2 other items of your choice which can be a deep fried giant shrimp, a crab croquette or fried calamari!

Tonkatsu Masuiya

Tonkatsu Masuiya is located near Imafuku Tsurumi Station in northern Osaka. The restaurant serves a large variety of katsu dishes including pork, beef, and shrimp! On weekdays at lunch, a tonkatsu set meal is available for just ¥880, a fantastic deal. Dinner is a little bit pricier, but still quite reasonable. You can't go wrong with the delicious, crispy tonkatsu here, but the shrimp katsu sandwich is a surprise recommendation if you're hoping to try something different!

Tonkatsu Masa

Tonkatsu Masa is a tiny little tonkatsu shop located fairly close to Osaka Station. The small dining area is counter seating only and has a great hole-in-the-wall vibe. The tonkatsu here is simply outstanding, and anything that you order won't disappoint. The prices vary based on the cut of meat and size of the cutlet but are very reasonable at around ¥1,050 for the smaller sizes, and an extra 500 yen for the larger sizes. During lunchtime, there's a daily set meal that is also available for just ¥900. The place can get quite busy, especially at lunchtime, so you might have to wait a bit if you go during peak hours. It's well worth it, however, for the crispy golden katsu with a beautifully juicy interior!


Hungry for something filling? you can't go wrong with delicious tonkatsu! Make sure to try out these selective shops when you are in Osaka.

If you like deep-fried foods then you'll probably like tempura also. Check out the link below for some great tempura restaurants in Osaka.

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