Updated: November 06, 2018
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Best 6 Healthy Ramen in Tokyo!

Ramen is probably one of the most popular dishes among travelers in Japan. But, as it tends to be a very high-calorie meal, Japanese people tend to have it as a once in a while treat. Here are some healthy ramen options that you can enjoy a lot more often. Some of the selections are healthier than your average ramen dishes, and some of them are straight-up healthy!

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Menya Shouno Gotsubo 麺や 庄の gotsubo

Close to Shinjukugyoen-Mae station on the Marunouchi line. After eating at this resto, you can take a stroll in the Shinjuku park very close-by!
This resto serves healthy tsusekmen (noodles you dip in soup), alongside classic ramen. The presentation is nice and the dish isn't too heavy, yet filling! It's really awesome and is an usual way to try tsukemen!


Soranoiro is location in Yaesu, near Tokyo station, but it has also has one in Hirakawacho (the flagship shop), and in Kyobashi.
Although this restaurant advertises their vegan dishes (ramen, dumplings, soft-serve ice cream, etc.), they also have non-vegan options, which is perfect if you want to accommodate vegans and non-vegans alike! Also, they have gluten-free options!
For vegans, they have many different types of veggie ramen, some even with colorful noodles. It's absolutely delicious and perfect for everyone!

Ajito ism

Ajito ism is near Oimachi station, on the Keihintohoku line, the Rinkai lne or the Tokyu-Oimachi line.
This restaurant serves tomato-based Italian style ramen, they have dishes like "pizza soba", and carbonara. Their signature dish is "the tsukement rosso".
Their ramen incorporates cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni, etc.
It's a delish and interesting fusion mix.

Due Italian

This restaurant is walking distance from Ichigaya station, on the Chuo line, Namboku line, Shinjuku line and Yurakucho line. It is very close to the Yasukuni shrine.
This restaurant is also an Italian-Japanese fusion resto. Their siganture dish is the white ramen, it is made of mozzarella, and is topped with prosciutto and basil. If you're looking for a change from the classic ramen, this is certainly it. They also have cheese ramen, lemon ramen, and seasonal dishes.

Rinsuzu Shokudo 中華蕎麦 りんすず食堂

This restaurant is located a few minutes from Ojima station, on the Shinjuku line. This restaurant doesn't look like much from the outside, but they have really delicious ramen!
This restaurant is famous for putting slices of lemon on top of the soup. The acidity of the lemons helps balance out the oiliness of the soup. It is a unique and interesting dish!

Gokaibo ごっかいぼう

An honorary mention goes out to this restaurant, although it wouldn't be considered healthy ramen, it is much healthier than what you can normally find out there.
This restaurant is walking distance from Monzen-nakacho station (Oedo or Tozain line) in Fukugawa.
This restaurant is said to be healthier because the soup is made of chicken, pork and dried sardines, bonito flakes, and vegetables. It is ramen that can be enjoyed everyday, or so the owner says. Plus, the service is very friendly and welcoming!

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