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The Ultimate Guide To Tasty And Affordable French Bistros In Tokyo!

French bistros are perfect when you feel like drinking wine and eating some good and affordable French food. There are many French bistros and brasseries within Tokyo, and here's our top picks!

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kiki harajuku

kiki harajuku is located 4 minutes away from Meiji-Jingumae station. It is small and casual, but has a cute and cozy atmosphere. The chef uses fruits in all the dishes that are served, and also puts effort in choosing the dishes and laying out the food. Each dish served is beautifully laid out and he also uses Japanese ingredients and serves it in a French style!
The lunch course comes with 4 dishes and is ¥2500 and dinner comes with 8 dishes and is ¥5000. A reasonably priced course that is definitely worth a try!

Bistro Musashinitta

Bistro Musashinitta is located 2 minutes away from Musashinitta station. It is a restaurant that serves casual-style French food, and the restaurant has a cozy, cafe-like atmosphere. The chef at this restaurant studied French cuisine in Paris for a few years, so you can enjoy the local French taste in his dishes.
Moreover, the courses are shockingly cheap, as the lunch course is only ¥1280 and dinner course is ¥2800, although you can choose more expensive courses if you want foie gras and other specialty dishes. They also have seasonal courses such as the lobster course, white asparagus course, and more! Every Sunday, there are many people in front of the restaurant who line up for the Sunday Marche, which they sell French dishes such as quiche, grilled meat, appetizers and desserts.


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Viande is a restaurant located 5 minutes away from Iidabashi station. It is a small and cozy restaurant with only a few counter seats and a few table seats. It is a wine bar that serves French and Italian food, such as steak frites, pasta, and many other dishes.
They have a long wine list as well as cocktails and other beverages in the menu. Their steak frites are very popular among customers, as it goes perfect with a glass of red wine!

Bistro CarneSio

Bistro CarneSio is located 1 minute away from Ebisu station. It is a restaurant only open from the evening to early morning, and the word Carne= meat, and sio= salt, meaning that they specialize in serving good grilled meat that is seasoned mainly with salt.
Although they have appetizer and pasta dishes, their main focus is the grilled meat. You can order meat just like you would at at yakiniku restaurant. You can enjoy a great french style yakiniku dinner with less than ¥5,000!

Le Bistro

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LE BISTRO is located 5 minutes away from Ebisu station. It has a provincial France themed atmosphere and you can enjoy local French dishes at this restaurant. They have courses which you can drink as many glasses of French wine as you want, and also a few of their selected French bistro style dishes.
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They also have a variety of a la carte dishes such as the escargot, grilled meat, homemade sausages, cheese and more. Each dish is not very pricey and the average dinner price would be around ¥5000.


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Marzac is located 5 minutes away from Omotesando B1 exit, and it is a casual French restaurant where you can enjoy quality meat and wine. They specialize in grilling meat in a "confit" style, which is a French method of slowing cooking meat with its own fat. This cooking method makes the meat juicy on the inside, and crispy on the outside.
P022688284 238 https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000972207
They have pork, beef, lamb, duck, and many types of meat that is cooked in the confit style. But they also have steak frites, salad, croquettes, pizza,and many other a la carte dishes. The average price range is around ¥3,000~¥3,999, which is rather inexpensive for French food.

Brasserie Gus

Brasserie Gus is located 5 minutes away from Kagurazaka station. There are many French restaurants in the Kagurazaka area, but this Brasserie is popular for the reasonable price and high quality in their dishes.
The lunch course is only ¥1000 which is super rare for a French restaurant. They have French dishes such as ratatouille, grilled beef, and many others that can be ordered at a very reasonable price.


S 005k https://r.gnavi.co.jp/a023310
LA COCORICO is located 2 minutes away from Ueno station. The restaurant has a very classy and spacious atmosphere, with relaxing sofa seats and nice terrace seats. They have various course plans that range from ¥3,500~¥6,000, as well as many a la carte dishes.
S 009a https://r.gnavi.co.jp/a023310
Their specialty menu is the rotisserie chicken, which you can order in half size or eat a full chicken! With many French dishes such as quiche, homemade sausages, gratin, and even crepe chouette for dessert! You can enjoy lunch for around ¥1,000~¥1,999, and dinner for around ¥4,000~¥4,999.

La Mere Poulard

La Mere Poulard is located 1 minute away from Yurakucho station, and is a famous store for their omelettes. It is a restaurant based in Mont Saint Michel in France, and they serve super fluffy omelettes!
There are various types of souffle omelets such as the bacon potato cheese omelette or the shrimp and vegetable omelette. The Tokyo limited menu is the mushroom cream risotto and foie gras omelette. They also have other French style grilled and steamed dishes that you can rarely find in Tokyo!

Le Petit Marche

Le Petit Marche is located 1 minute away from Roppongi station. It is a collaboration restaurant with a wine shop and a bakery, so they serve the best wine and bread! For lunch, you can eat as much of their homemade bread as you want and the price is only ¥800~¥1,300!
For dinner, they serve various a la carte dishes made from ingredients directly transported by local farmers in different parts of Japan. As the chef actually went to the farm himself to look at the conditions of the vegetables, the vegetables they use are very fresh. You can order their freshly baked bread with some French cheese and wine!

Le Loisir

Le Loisir is located 3 minutes away from Iidabashi station. It is a French bistro restaurant that is in the Tokyo 2016 Bib gourmand. You can enjoy delicious French food at a reasonable price at this restaurant.
Lunch is only ¥1,100 and dinner is ¥2,900. The dinner course comes with an appetizer, main dish and dessert, and you can choose your main dish of the day.


L'AMITIE is located 5 minutes away from Takadanobaba station. It is a small cozy restaurant with only several tables, and it has an atmosphere like the inside of a train in Europe.
The lunch course is ¥1250 and plus ¥600 for dessert. You can choose your appetizer and main, and it also comes with bread. Dinner is ¥2800 and you can choose your appetizer and main dish as well. There are appetizers such as scallop salad, prosciutto and melon, and foie gras creme brulee. For the main dish, they have dishes such as spare ribs, duck confit, and steak frites. You can enjoy bistro style dishes for a very reasonable price!


S 002a https://r.gnavi.co.jp/a591503
This restaurant is located 4 minutes away from Shinbashi station. It is a very cozy restaurant with only 18 seats, but you can enjoy some good wine and French food in a relaxed atmosphere.
S 001m https://r.gnavi.co.jp/a591503
Their galettes are only ¥500, and other small dishes are also the same price too! Even main dishes are around ¥1000 so you can enjoy eating many small dishes without worrying about the price being too expensive!

Ore No French Ginza

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Ore No French is a 5 minute walk from A13 exit of Ginza station. It is a restaurant known for their cost performance, serving super high quality French food for an affordable price. Although many "Ore No" restaurants started as a standing style restaurant, you can sit and relax at this restaurant.
P024098722 480 https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ001110141/
They serve lobsters, rossini, roasted duck, risotto, and many other French dishes which are priced mostly below ¥2000. If you want really high quality French food for a cheap price, this is the place to go. But, as it is crowded and the seats have time limits, it is a place to enjoy the food rather than to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.


This article introduced the top 15 French bistros in Tokyo which are super famous and well-known by many locals. If you want to eat French food at a reasonable price, check out some of these restaurants!
I love eating good food and discovering new places to eat. I hope to share with all of you some of the places that I recommend!

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