Updated: June 20, 2019
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Seafood, Seafood, And More Seafood! Overloaded Kaisen Don in Japan

'Kaisen don' (sashimi rice bowl) is a must-try, special Japanese dish! However, the kaisen don we will introduce today is even more special! The restaurants on this list serve 'overloaded kaisen don,' which are packed with so much seafood that the bowl can't hold it!

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Hachikyo (Hokkaido)

This bowl is called "Tsuko Meshi" at the store, but it is basically a bowl full of gorgeous, fresh ikura (salmon roe).
The waiter will first bring you a bowl of rice, and then will add more and more salmon roe while chanting (see the end of the video below to see what we mean). At Hachikyo, you can eat a great amount of high quality Hokkaido salmon roe!

Kashigashira (Tokyo)

Tsukiji Jougai Don, ¥3,000
This dish has a huge visual impact, and features two bowls stacked on top of each other. However, it's not just the looks that're good; This "Tsukiji Jougai Don" uses 30 different types of fresh seafood! The restaurant is located outside of the now-closed Tsukiji fish market, and of course, uses super-fresh fish!

This kaisen bowl has been on magazines and TV, and is a very popular dish! It is only offered during lunch time and the cost is ¥3,000.

3. Sushiguni (Tokyo)

This overloaded sea urchin bowl is the most popular dish at Sushiguni, also located close to the (now closed) Tsukiji fish market. The chef here chooses the best sea urchin of the season, and piles is onto the bowl until it starts falling off!
Uni is a luxury ingredient, and one bowl is ¥3,800, but is a great way to get a huge portion of fresh sea urchin!

4. Totoraku (Kyoto)

Totoraku in Kyoto serves this 'Dual Color Tuna Bowl' for just ¥500, despite being packed with this great amount of tuna! The chef carefully selects the freshest available tuna to use to make the bowl, so you can count on it being, rich, fresh, and satisfying!
The reasonable price and huge has attracted many customers, and the restaurant is quite popular!

In Closing

Did you enjoy looking at and reading about these overloaded kaisen don? I know I got hungry just writing about it. Next time you're searching for a special place to eat an awesome kaisen don, check out one of these shops!

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    I love eating good food and discovering new places to eat. I hope to share with all of you some of the places that I recommend!

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