Updated: November 06, 2018
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Katsu Sando (Deep Fried Cutlets Sandwich): 5 Eateries Where you Should Try Japan's Most Filling Sandwich!

Japan has many original sandwiches, and the katsu sando is surely one of them! It's a very popular kind of filling sandwich that is often found at convenience stores, restaurants and cafes. Make sure to try it while your in Tokyo in one of these 5 eateries.

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Tonkatsu Maisen

At Tonkatsu Maisen you can buy all kinds of quality breaded deed-fried foods. This is a well-known chain that has been in operation for nearly 50 years.
Their standard three piece tonkatsu-sando sells for 390 yen. Grab a salad and it makes for a great lunch! They have stores accross Japan, including one in Ikebukuro (see link below). Standard and delicious, this should be your first introduction to the katsu sando before we get into the deluxe ones that people rave about!

Yoshoku Sakaba Fry Pan

So then if you're looking for something more gourmet-like, try this original restaurant called Yoshoku Sakaba Fry Pan. This restaurant-bar is located at a 6 minute walk from the Setagayadaita Station.
Their beef katsu sando is said to be well worth it's 2000 yen price tag! Simply delicious with a glass of beer as an accompaniment.

Sinsekai Grill

At this famous Ginza store you can grab your katsu sando for take out and have it for lunch or dinner, or you can eat it in store. Located at 3 minutes from the Ginza Station.
This store also sells a delicious, and highly praised beef katsu sando for 1050 yen.

Gensen Yoshoku Sakurai

One of the best places to have a katsu sando in Tokyo! The restaurant has an amazing stylish interior. It is located at just a 1 minute walk from the Ginza Station or the Ueno Hirokouji Station.
Their pork katsu sando has a thick coating and delicious tender meat. Its not cheap at 1750 yen but well worth every yen! The shop has a variety of well-presented main dishes and desserts.

Coffee Inoda

Katsu sando are sometimes found in coffee shops such as this one. Coffee Inoda, a classy cafe originally from Kyoto has a branch store in Chiyoda-ku, located at a 2 minute walk from the Tokyo Station.
Inoda has a fine selection of coffees and a great beef katsu sando that is topped with slices of bacon ham! It sells for 2000 yen, but is well worth it!


Katsu sando are simply delicious treat you should try while you are in Tokyo or elsewhere in Japan! Some sell for quite cheap but others, such as most of the ones presented in this article are quite classy and taste fantastic!

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